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Digital TV set-top boxes

For the best digital TV experiences, it’s important to have the best tools for the job – and that means picking a set-top box to suit your needs.

There are a number to choose from – a Sky+ HD box, the eir Vision+ box from eir or Virgin Media’s Horizon TV HD+ box – all with varying benefits and perks. 

In order to help you choose the digital TV provider with the most suitable set-top box for your needs, we have put together a guide to provide you with what you need to know.

eir Vision

eir Vision aims to provide simple, easy to use digital TV experience, with a navigation system that covers more than 55 of the best channels.

As well as the best of Irish TV, there’s also a host of news, film and lifestyle programming available, while an eir Vision+ box is included with all eir Vision TV packages.

The set-top box allows for the pausing and rewinding of live TV, meaning you won’t miss a second of your favourite shows.

The record function on the eir Vision+ box has space for 375 hours’ worth of programming, meaning entire series can be stored, to be viewed at the touch of a button.

Any series can be recorded with a single click, while it’s also possible to record one channel while watching another.

Two channels can also be recorded at once while another recorded show is being watched, which means there’s no more need to argue over the remote.

Virgin Media TV

Virgin TV allows you to record four programmes at the same time while watching a fifth, and it has 400Gb of storage space, which is enough for 320 hours’ worth of standard definition content.

Content can also be viewed on tablets, smartphones and laptops thanks to the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

There is also an extensive on-demand service with Virgin TV, including many of the latest movies, complete series and content for all members of the family.

A series can be recorded, and the Virgin TV box will even suggest programmes for you to view once it starts to recognise viewing habits.

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The Sky+ box includes built in WiFi and allows users to take full control of the Sky Original TV experience with the ability to pause, rewind and record programming.

On Demand services are also readily available, while there is 250Gb of storage space included – enough to hold around 185 hours of standard TV or 60 hours of HD shows.

The Series Link feature enables two shows to be recorded at once, as well as an entire series from start to finish – all at the press of a button.

A Sky+ HD box can also unleash the potential of high definition programming, while 3D TV capabilities come with the purchase of a HD pack.

Smartphone and tablet applications allow for shows to be accessed on the move, while parental controls are available so that children can only watch TV that is suitable for them.

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