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Mobile broadband coverage in Ireland

As you are probably aware, your mobile broadband reception depends on the coverage you receive with your mobile phone, which varies with your location. So the speed and quality of your mobile broadband coverage can vary for the same reason. The main factors that will affect the quality of your mobile broadband signal coverage include:

  • Who supplies your mobile broadband
  • Your distance from the nearest transmitter mast
  • How tall the intervening buildings in your vicinity are
  • The thickness of your own home’s walls

The key mobile broadband providers in Ireland are:

  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • eir Mobile

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Of course you may not always be at home when using your mobile broadband coverage, so it is a good idea to also consider the points below for the area(s) where you will tend to use it the most.

Equipment and mobile broadband speeds

Most mobile broadband networks in Ireland offer speeds up to 7.2Mb, with speeds continuously on the rise. Some providers such as Three can offer mobile broadband speeds up to 21Mb. Depending on the quality of the mobile broadband provider’s network, speed and coverage performance can vary from one area to another.

Also the type of MiFi, dongle or modem you are using to make the broadband connection can have an impact on your overall mobile broadband performance. Some devices have limited speed capability, so its advisable to consider the device to be used for your mobile broadband connection before finalising your choice of package. MiFi unit speeds are also sometimes adversely affected if several devices are being used at once to share the same signal.

The Future is 4G

4G mobile broadband enables more data to be transmitted at a much quicker rate, making more efficient use of the existing mobile airwaves than ever before.

4G also reduces the problems of coverage since it is more widespread and although there are still some speed variations from area to area, they should are not so great or as problematical as they are now for 3G in some areas.

New equipment will also help to streamline the use of the 4G technology as laptops and tablets begin to appear with built-in 4G mobile broadband capability.