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What is prepaid mobile broadband?

Prepaid mobile broadband (sometimes called pay as you go mobile broadband) works similarly to PAYG mobile phones. Credit gets added to your USB dongle, which allows you to use the internet up to the point when your allowance runs out.

Because charges are normally based on per gigabytes (GB) downloaded, even when your credit runs out you will have sufficient connectivity to top-up again. Broadband charges are competitive between providers in Ireland and pay as you go internet can provide an excellent alternative to mobile broadband contracts, especially for light web users.

All the major mobile broadband providers in Ireland have 3G PAYG dongles available. 

You can choose to have a one month prepaid mobile broadband deal, which involves a set limited usage for that period, or you can opt for the more typical type of pay as you go mobile broadband offers. In the case of the latter, there’s a one-off payment charge for a dongle, with credit being added whenever necessary.

Comparing contract and pay as you go mobile broadband

Pay as you go mobile broadband

  • You won’t be tied down by long-term contracts
  • Freedom to look around for the most suitable provider
  • There’s a one-off charge for a mobile broadband dongle
  • Ideal for non-heavy users
  • Not suitable for heavy users, such as gamers or people who download heavily

Mobile broadband contracts

  • Packages are cheaper
  • With some packages, a free mobile broadband dongle will be included
  • A lot more variety, such as a greater choice of usage and payment options

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