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Cancelling your broadband

There’s a dizzying array of services on the market claiming to offer you the best broadband service, but for the uninitiated, it’s quite tricky to know how to secure the best deal. Even for those long time, loyal customers, it’s likely that you are paying over the odds for your broadband package, particularly if you’ve never queried a price rise.

Find out what you could be paying

To find out if there is a better deal out there for you, check comparison sites such as Switcher.ie which provides free, up to date information on most provider packages in Ireland and is completely independent. Once you have an idea of what you could be paying for your broadband service it’s advisable for you to check the pros and cons of your current supplier vs a potential new one.

Check to see if there are any services that your new supplier may offer that your old one does not and vice versa. Once you feel confident about which package suits you best, it’s time to check the small print on your existing broadband contract to see what kind of position you’re in.

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When can I cancel?

The first thing to check is the length of your contract remaining. The shorter the time left, the stronger the position you’ll be in when contacting your provider to look into cancelling your broadband. If you still have a long time left on your contract, check the small print to see if there are any clauses allowing you to exit without penalty, such as price rise get out clauses or poor service clauses.

Usually when cancelling broadband you could face a penalty fee, especially if there is a long time left on your contract. In this case you need to weigh up the cost of this penalty vs. the potential savings you could make. If the penalty fee is high, then it might be worth waiting until your contract runs out, allowing you to cancel without paying to do so.

Letting your provider know

Once you’ve made the decision to cancel your current broadband service, it’s time to get in touch with your provider. If you’ve got a good idea of what you want to pay, then you might be surprised to find your provider offering you incentives to stay put.

These might include discounts or additional services - but remember, once you agree to these then you will be tied into another contract, so make sure you are certain before you agree to stay.

If your current provider can’t match the prices that you have found via comparison sites, then give them a cancellation notice and get in touch with your new broadband provider.

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Final thoughts

Once you made the decision to cancel, remember that there is usually a cancellation period which allows you to change your mind should you need to. And remember, once you switch, there’s nothing to stop you from switching again if there’s a better deal to be had elsewhere.

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