UAN numbers & switching broadband

When you want to switch your broadband connection to a new provider, in most cases you will need to obtain your UAN or Universal Account Number.

This is a unique 8 digit number, used by broadband service providers in Ireland to identify each user’s account. It is not specific to any broadband provider but rather to the line on which the broadband is supplied.

Where can I locate my UAN?

It’s important for each customer to know what a UAN is and where to locate it. The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has specified that every broadband company must display the UAN on their bills so that customers can find it easily.

The UAN is an important piece of information which is used by internet service providers to confirm account authenticity and ownership and is required by service providers when a customer wishes to proceed with switching providers.

In the past broadband providers were not as forthcoming when it came to displaying this information for consumers. Thankfully in recent years, ComReg has made it clear to service providers in Ireland that this information needs to be easily accessible for customers.

How to use your UAN to switch

  • Call your current broadband provider to obtain your UAN.

  • Compare broadband deals or switch with

  • Sign up online with your chosen internet service provider (ISP) and enter your UAN when requested

A UAN number itself has no impact on the amount of time it takes to switch your broadband service, so any delay with your broadband switchover would be more likely as a result of an administration error.