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Will I save money upgrading to an unlimited broadband deal?

When your broadband bill is higher than you expected, it may be because you have gone over your download limit. If this is the case, switching to an unlimited broadband package may be the best solution for you as it would mean unlimited downloads and no surprises when you get your bill.

There is no doubt that an unlimited package can remove unexpected charges, but to determine if you will be in a better financial position with an unlimited broadband package may need some more research.

Do you regularly exceed your usage limit on your current plan?

Going over your usage limit once every so often may not be a big issue for you, but if you are noticing consecutive months of excessive usage then you need to evaluate your current package.

The first thing to do is try to understand how you are exceeding your cap. Certain types of online behaviour will use more of your allowance than others, such as watching lengthy videos/movies and downloading files regularly. Generally, browsing the web, using social media and emailing only will not cause you to go over your cap.

Are there multiple users and devices in your home? The more people and the more devices that are using your allowance, the quicker your allowance will be exceeded. Use of tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs, set-top boxes and gaming consoles will all contribute to your bill.

Is there a limit closer to your typical use available?

Speak with your provider and find out by how much you have exceeded your current allowance. Once you know typically how much you are using, you can decide if you need an unlimited broadband package or if there is higher limit available that suits your needs.

Compare costs

If price is your main concern, calculate the difference between what the unlimited package would be against what you are paying now, with the excess charges. The result should help you to make a decision.

If the difference is small and the unlimited broadband package offers more than you need, the fixed price cost at a higher allowance may be the better option for you.

Switching to an unlimited broadband package means you would pay a fixed monthly fee that will not change no matter how much you browse, stream and download, but will typically be more expensive.

Is unlimited broadband really unlimited?

When looking at unlimited broadband, it’s worth reading the small print to see what the provider is really offering. Some offers are subject to fair usage policies. You can read more about this in our Broadband Fair Usage Policy Guide.

Check with the provider if the unlimited broadband package is subject to any of these or other restrictions and check exactly what the policy entails. Details can normally be found on the provider website.

Could you save more money with an alternative provider?

As well as checking other options available from your current provider, you should look at other unlimited broadband deals from other providers. If you’re in a position to switch then it’s definitely worth shopping around and doing some research before renewing your contract.

You can compare these packages on our unlimited broadband package comparison page.

Are you getting the best broadband deal?

Use the Switcher Broadband Deal Checker to find the best broadband deal for you!