Digiweb NextGen Broadband Unlimited

Fast & reliable next generation home broadband and unlimited calls form Digiweb

Digiweb NextGen Broadband Unlimited

Plan Summary

Plan Features

  • Up to 24Mb download speeds
  • Unlimited data allowance*
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in Ireland & UK*
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in Ireland & UK*
  • 6 months FREE Internet Security
  • FREE Fritz!Box 7360 WiFi Modemand Home Media Hub RRP €199

Free modem

Unlimited broadband

12 month contract

Free Parental Controls

Monthly Cost: €49.95

1st year cost: €599.40

Contract length: 12 months

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Up to 24 Mb Download

This is an "up to" speed

Up to 1 Mb Upload

This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files

NextGen Broadband

Experience fast, reliable internet speeds with Digiweb. Up to 24Mbps download speeds and 1Mbps upload speeds!

Excess usage

Unlimited Data: Digiweb operates an uncongested network and 350GB on this plan is considered fair use in any 30 day period prior to the 1st of the month. We do not throttle or cap service, however, if a customer exceeds the stated fair usage allowance for data on more than 2 occasions in any 90 day period, then Digiweb reserve the right to terminate or suspend the customer’s service. Digiweb will proactively contact customers in advance of any suspension or termination of service.

Hassle free switching

Stay connected - keep your old broadband until your new Digiweb NextGen Home Broadband package is ready to use.

Home Phone


Unlimited calls to landlines in Ireland & UK

Unlimited calls to mobiles in Ireland & UK

Unlimited Calls

With Digiweb Unlimited Calls, you'll get 6,000 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK landline numbers and 1,500 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK mobile numbers per month.

Excess usage

A fair usage policy applies to the total of all local & national landline calls made within each billable month.

Keep your number

When you switch to Digiweb you can keep your existing number. Family and friends can continue to contact you at your current telephone number.

Cost Summary

Monthly cost:


All prices include VAT

Broadband & phone line rental is included in the monthly cost

Upfront costs:

FREE modem

FREE set-up & activation

1st year cost:



This offer is available to new customers and returning customers


Direct Debit

Contract length:

12 months

Digiweb NextGen Broadband Unlimited

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What You'll Need

You will need an active phone line and your UAN (Universal Account Number) to switch to Digiweb NextGen Home Broadband. Your UAN is an 8-digit number that identifies your phone line. You can usually find it on a bill from your existing home phone or broadband provider.

What Happens Next?

  1. Click the "Order Online" button.
  2. Complete the application form to sign up to your new Digiweb package.
  3. Once your application is submitted you will receive a phone call from a Digiweb customer service representative to confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and to complete your order. Please note Digiweb will call you from this phone number: 042 939 3300.

You can cancel your switch without penalty within 14 days, if you change your mind. We'll send you all the details in an email.

€49.95 per month

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