Imagine LTE

New Imagine LTE 70Mb Broadband and anytime landline calls from Imagine

Imagine LTE

Plan Summary

Plan Features

  • Broadband of up to 70Mb
  • 20Gb daily usage
  • Unlimited local & national landline calls
  • Powerful WiFi
  • Smart Phone App

Anytime calls

Wifi enabled

20Gb daily usage

No line rental

Monthly Cost: €59.99

1st year cost: €869.88

Contract length: 18 months

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Up to 70 Mb Download

This is an "up to" speed

Up to 6 Mb Upload

This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files

Imagine LTE

Imagine are extending high-speed broadband coverage all over Ireland. Imagine connect homes back to the nearest fibre point using the latest wireless technology LTE, delivering fibre speeds to more places. This package comes with broadband speeds of up to 70Mbps.


Allowing you 20Gb of data a day, this plan is ideal for families. Broadband speeds are "up to" and depend on location, network usage and other factors.

Pack Usage

If you go over your daily usage limit of 20Gb, we will simply slow your broadband speed down until midnight of that same day. At the beginning of the next day, your speed and usage will be reset.

Smart TV Box

Using the power of LTE Broadband with our Smart TV Box, open up a whole world of content & entertainment on your TV. Netflix, TV players, Google Play Store, Sports, Videos, games, Apps, and loads more all now live on your TV. (Optional one off purchase of €43.99).

Hassle free switching

Stay connected - keep your old broadband until your new Imagine Broadband package is ready to use.

Home Phone


Unlimited local landline calls

Unlimited national landline calls

Imagine LTE Calls

Imagine's LTE plan means you can enjoy unlimited calls to Irish landlines anytime of the day.

Pack Calls – apply to local & national fixed line only. Calls are up to 60mins, redial before 60mins to avoid call charges. Calls outside of packs are charged at standard rates and are rounded up to the nearest minute & cent. Call set up charge of 15.38c applies.

Mobile Home Phone

These days everyone has a mobile and more than likely a smart phone. Imagine simply put all the free minutes from your LTE phone service on your mobile so you can take them anywhere. It's your home phone on your mobile. That's a smart phone service.

Excess usage

This package comes with an unlimited calls with a fair usage policy. A fair use policy applies to all unlimited calling packs which are intended for normal residential use. If you make excessive use of your unlimited call service your service may be restricted or you may be asked to subscribe to an alternative service package. Imagine, in its sole discretion will define what constitutes excessive use of the service from time to time. imagine may at its absolute discretion withdraw the Talk Anytime or Talk Off Peak facility from any Customer whose use of the service, in the opinion of imagine, either risks degradation of service levels to other customers, puts imagine's Network at risk or where the usage of the Services is inconsistent with normal residential usage or is for purposes that are not reasonably used by residential Customers.

Keep your number

When you switch to Imagine you can keep your existing number. Family and friends can continue to contact you at your current telephone number.

Cost Summary

Monthly cost:


Upfront costs:

A €100.00 installation fee and €50.00 activation fee applies to this plan. Equipment remains the property of Imagine.

1st year cost:



This offer is only available to new customers. Coverage is only currently available in selected locations throughout Kildare, Kerry, Limerick, Galway, Wexford and Cork, Donegal, Louth, Cavan, Meath and Monaghan


Direct Debit

Contract length:

18 months

Imagine LTE

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Direct Debit

This is a direct debit only service. Failure to pay your bill in full/on time and/or cancellation of service within the minimum term will result in a €100 cancellation charge.

What Happens Next?

  1. Click the "Order Online" button.
  2. Complete the application form to sign up to your new Imagine package.
  3. Once your application is submitted you will receive a phone call from an Imagine customer service representative to confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and to complete your order. Please note Imagine will call you from this phone number: 01 437 5161.

You can cancel your switch without penalty within 14 days, if you change your mind. We'll send you all the details in an email.

€59.99 per month

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