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Purely Broadband

Unlimited superfast fibre broadband from Pure Telecom

Purely Broadband

Plan Summary

Plan Features

  • Superfast fibre broadband up to 100Mb
  • Unlimited broadband usage allowance
  • No landline fee
  • FREE modem & connection
  • No phone, just broadband

Free modem

Unlimited broadband

Free connection

Fibre broadband

Monthly Cost: €44.00

1st year cost: €528.00

Contract length: 18 months

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Up to 100 Mb Download

This is an "up to" speed

Up to 20 Mb Upload

This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files

Purely Broadband

Pure Telecom's Purely Broadband service offers up to 100Mb broadband with a connection that is always on. This package is perfect for users who don’t want the cost of a landline.

Unlimited Broadband

With no download limits to worry about Purely Broadband is ideal for those who love to game, surf and stream at the same time.

Excess usage

Pure Telecom does not apply either a fair usage policy or traffic management, allowing you to download as much as you want, whenever you want. This product does not support voice.

Hassle free switching

Stay connected - keep your old broadband until your new Purely Broadband package is ready to use.

Cost Summary

Monthly cost:


There is no monthly line rental fee associated with this package. Customers undertaking this plan will be required to pay an up front fee of €44 (one month cost) in advance of Pure Telecom installing the service. This payment must be made via customer credit card or Visa debit card. If for whatever reason Pure Telecom are unable to provide the service to the customer (after payment taken) then Pure Telecom would refund (to the customer’s credit/debit card) the €44 which has been paid.

Upfront costs:

FREE modem

FREE connection

FREE delivery

No upfront costs

1st year cost:



This offer is available to new customers.


Direct Debit

Contract length:

18 months

Additional notes:

This broadband deals is delivered through your telephone line. The line rental cost is included in the price

Purely Broadband

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What You'll Need

You will need an active phone line and your UAN (Universal Account Number) to switch to Pure Telecom's Purely Broadband. Your UAN is an 8-digit number that identifies your phone line. You can usually find it on a bill from your existing home phone or broadband provider.

What Happens Next?

  1. Click the "Order Online" button.
  2. Complete the application form to sign up to your new Pure Telecom package.
  3. Once your application is submitted you will receive a phone call from a Pure Telecom customer service representative to confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and to complete your order. Please note Pure Telecom will call you from this phone number: 01 246 9010.

You can cancel your switch without penalty within 14 days, if you change your mind. We'll send you all the details in an email.

€44.00 per month

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