Q Sat uses satellite technology rather than fixed line broadband packages, to deliver internet access to its customers across Ireland. The company prides itself on delivering low cost reliable satellite broadband to its customers.

Q Sat uses KA band satellite technology called Hylas 1, which is unique and exclusive to the company’s broadband service. It is the first of its type to be used in Europe, enabling the company to deliver its service with complete nationwide coverage.

For people who struggle with poor internet connections, particularly in rural areas, Q Sat’s satellite broadband represents an ideal alternative to other types of broadband.

Home broadband packages include a 10Mb download speed and come with up to 15GB usage limit with unlimited off-peak usage from 2AM to 8AM also available with some packages.

Company history

Q Sat was formed in August 2011 and quickly established a strong customer base with over 6,000 customers across Ireland and the UK.

As well as providing satellite broadband to residential customers in Ireland, a large part of Q Sat’s customer base is made up of business and corporate customers both here in Ireland and in the UK.

Customer service

An abundance of information is available online detailing many frequently asked questions and what to do when certain things happen.

There’s also a dedicated customer call center where staff will be happy to respond to customer queries, offer advice and find the best solutions.


There is no need for a phone line to get the broadband connection; all that is required is a satellite dish and a modem, which are both provided as part of the installation process. Full installation is carried out by professional Q Sat engineers.

For those wanting a wireless connection, a wireless router is available to ensure the best standard of service without the need for lots of wires.