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Low cost reliable satellite broadband from Q Sat

Q Sat Everyday

Plan Summary

Plan Features

  • Up to 10Mb satellite broadband
  • 15Gb download allowance
  • Unlimited off-peak data
  • €199 installation cost
  • Switcher.ie exclusive: FREE wireless router - worth €29.99!

Satellite broadband

Free modem

12 month contract

Monthly Cost: €44.99

1st year cost: €738.88

Contract length: 12 months



Up to 10 Mb Download

This is an "up to" speed

Up to 1 Mb Upload

This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files

Q Sat Everyday

Q Sat's 'Everyday' package is perfect for everyday use in your home allowing you to book holidays, browse the internet, stay in contact via email and enjoy social media. With an unlimited off peak data allowance, you can programme all software updates, backups and downloads without effecting your browsing experience or your data allowance. With broadband speeds up to 10 Mbps.

Satellite broadband

Q Sat provides fast and reliable satellite broadband, with complete nation wide coverage. Ideal for people living in rural and remote locations throughout Ireland.

Professional installers, no delays: Professional installers, who undergo continuous quality testing to ensure the best installation service as soon as possible.

Share the internet with multiple devices: Use Q Sat's wireless router to connect multiple devices to the internet.

Irish IP address: IP addresses allowing access to DoneDeal, RTE and other Irish oriented sites.

Excess usage

This package comes with a 10GB download limit which may restrict the amount you can download via your internet connection. A fair use policy applies to Q Sat Everyday. If you exceed your data allowance in any given month, Q Sat won't ever charge you when you go over your monthly limit - they'll simply restrict your service, this means no fears of massive monthly bills.

Q Sat will send you a courtesy email to let you know when you get to 80% of your monthly usage, so that you can plan for the rest of the month. You'll also have the option to upgrade to a plan with higher data allowance.

Hassle free switching

Stay connected - keep your old broadband until your new Q Sat Everyday package is ready to use.

Cost Summary

Monthly cost:


No monthly line rental.

Upfront costs:

Installation cost: A once-off €199.00 installation cost applies. Equipment remains the property of Q Sat.

1st year cost:



This offer is available to new customers and returning customers. No landline required.


Direct Debit

Contract length:

12 months

Q Sat Everyday