The digital TV service offered by UPC is very popular in Ireland, with packages offering multi-channel viewing and plenty of on-demand features.

There is a package and price point to suit almost any consumer, the majority of which offer UPC’s great features which customers have come to know and love.

UPC TV is one of the most comprehensive TV services in Ireland, offering consumers up to 187 digital TV channels and up to 23HD channels (with Horizon TV packages).

This extensive offering features everything from sport to movies, kids’ programming to the biggest TV shows from around the world.

There is something for everyone, and with Horizon TV and broadband bundles available for a range of budgets, UPC’s digital TV service is accessible to almost anyone.

On demand services give customers even more TV choice, with hundreds of hours of movies, box sets, and kids’ TV at the touch of a button – some of which is completely free-of-charge.

What does UPC TV offer?

UPC’s digital TV offering may have one of the most extensive collections of premium channels, but there are a range of other features that make the service so popular.

The UPC On Demand service, for example, gives viewers access to a range of home entertainment at the touch of a button, including box sets from the UK and US and 100s of hours of kids’ TV.

There’s also Horizon TV which transforms your mobile device or laptop into a TV, allowing for multi-room viewing with no fuss.

What do I need to get UPC TV?

As UPC TV is delivered across broadband, you’ll need a fibre optic broadband connection into your home. This is because features like Horizon TV, UPC HD and UPC Remote Record need a strong internet connection in order to function properly.

Existing UPC customers may have fibre optic broadband already, making it even easier to set up UPC TV. If not, check whether fibre optic broadband is available in your area.