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240Mb Freedom Broadband & Anytime Mobile

Introducing Virgin Media's 30 day contract: Superfast 240Mb Freedom Broadband and Anytime Mobile

Offer ends in: 8 days

240Mb Freedom Broadband & Anytime Mobile

Plan Summary

Plan Features

  • Unlimited 240Mb broadband
  • Unlimited minutes to Irish mobiles and landlines
  • FREE 400 anytime minutes to 22 countries abroad
  • 30 day contract broadband
  • Virgin Media Wi-Free: easy access to the internet in other homes
  • Includes Virgin Media Hub: a new modem with an additional antenna for even better Wi-Fi

30 day contract

Unlimited 240Mb broadband

Virgin Media Hub

Unlimited minutes to Irish mobiles and landlines

Monthly Cost: €59.00

1st year cost: €728.00

Contract length: 30 days

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Up to 240 Mb Download

This is an "up to" speed

Up to 24 Mb Upload

This speed is related to how quickly you can upload files

240Mb Freedom Broadband

Virgin Media's 240Mb Freedom Broadband plan means you can enjoy superfast broadband speeds with no limits plus the flexibility of a 30 day contract.

Horizon Wi-Free

Virgin Media Wi-Free allows you to connect to fast reliable broadband when you visit the home of another Virgin Media broadband customer. No need to ask people for their Wi-Fi password. Now with over 250,000 Wi-Free access points

Seamless broadband

Virgin Media's 'unlimited' broadband is perfect for heavy downloaders, student households or families sharing their connection. Virgin Media guarantee* a minimum download speed of 100Mb.

Excess usage

Virgin Media 's unlimited broadband service does not apply either a fair usage policy or traffic management, allowing you to download as much as you want, whenever you want.

Virgin Media Hub

A new in-home connectivity solution delivering the best in-class in-home Wi-Fi performance while supporting the highest broadband speeds. The Virgin Media Hub not only provides their fastest ever Wi-Fi signal but is also beautifully designed to sit anywhere in your home. The Virgin Media Hub gives ultra fast Wi-Fi speeds that stayfast across loads of devices because it uses 5GHz or 2.4GHz and has a sneaky extra wireless antenna. The Virgin Media Hub has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, featuring a simplified LED display and an install wizard that enables Virgin Media customers to set up and customise their home WiFi service quickly and easily.

Hassle free switching

Stay connected - keep your old broadband until your new 240Mb Freedom Broadband package is ready to use.

Home Phone


Unlimited minutes to Irish mobiles and landlines

400 anytime minutes to 22 countries abroad

Anytime Mobile Pack

This package comes with unlimited minutes to Irish mobiles and landlines and 400 anytime minutes per month to fixed landline numbers in 22 international destinations including USA and Canadian mobile numbers. Excludes premium rate, SMS and non-geographic numbers. Calls made outside of the call pack minutes are charged at Virgin Media's standard rates.

Keep your number

When you switch to Virgin Media you can keep your existing number. Family and friends can continue to contact you at your current telephone number.

Cost Summary

Monthly cost:


Line rental is included in the monthly cost
Upfront costs:

Red House: a €50 fee will apply should you request an assisted install

€50 activation fee is required.

FREE wireless modem

FREE delivery

1st year cost:



Offer available to new customers who apply online. Broadband, home phone and digital TV products are subject to availability at your location. Freedom Broadband and Anytime World is available to New Virgin media customers only, and is subject to a 30 day rolling contract. A €20 equipment activation fee applies. In order to avail of this bundle, customers must sign up to Direct Debit at the point of sale. To cancel your Freedom broadband and Anytime World subscription contract, you must provide 30 days notice in writing to Virgin Media.


Direct Debit

Contract length:

30 days

Additional information:

Prices shown include VAT. Residential use only.

240Mb Freedom Broadband & Anytime Mobile

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Book a Red House Ninja Visit

With Virgin Medias premium installation service, The Red House Ninjas will visit your home and fine-tune the set-up of your broadband and TV, connect all devices, upgrade equipment and sort any issues to ensure you are getting the best entertainment experience possible. Each visit is tailored to the customer’s needs looking at their house, devices, and usage. Should you request a Red House Experience, a fee of €50 will apply.

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€59.00 per month

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