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Advantages of online energy plans

Online energy plans explained

Out of all the energy plans currently on the market, online plans nearly always offer the best value for money. Indeed, online plans can often be hundreds of Euros cheaper than standard plans from the same supplier.

These savings are largely due to the fact that the account is managed online, resulting in savings in administrative costs for the energy suppliers, which in turn means cheaper gas and electricity for you.

Energy plans: checking your current plan

If you’re unsure exactly what type of energy plan you’re currently signed up to, it’s definitely worth making a call to check with your gas and electricity energy suppliers. If the name of the plan contains the words ‘web’ or ‘online’, this would usually indicate that it was an online plan. However, many standard plans have some degree of online account management these days, so it’s advisable to confirm with your energy suppliers.

Online energy plans: finding the right plan for you

You’re probably aware that there are several different energy suppliers operating in Ireland, with a multitude of online plans to choose from. Not surprisingly, it can be confusing working out which of these gas and electricity suppliers is the best choice.

A good first step is to use Switcher.ie to compare energy plans, Switcher.ie compares both standard and online plans in order to find the best possible savings available to you. If you need more information, you could always contact energy suppliers directly in order to get them to explain exactly what you’d be paying for. Once you’ve identified your ideal plan, the sign-up process is carried out online.

Online energy plans: account management

The vast majority of account management is carried out online, although paper statements may still be sent out by some energy suppliers. An advantage of online statements is the reduction in paperwork, this is good for the environment and additionally means less filing for you. It’s reassuring to note that it’s always possible to access and print out past statements online if the need ever arises.

Whilst meter readings may occasionally still be taken by officials, you’ll usually be given the option of entering your meter readings online. This is more efficient and convenient, with the added bonus that your gas and electricity bills will always be accurate.

Paying your bill can usually be done by post or online and even greater savings are often available if you choose to pay by direct debit. However, if you choose to pay for your energy plans by direct debit, please remember that this will usually be a fixed price and so you’ll need to keep an eye on your energy usage in order to make any necessary adjustments to your payment.

Online energy plans: summary

Overall, online energy plans are often much cheaper than standard plans offered by gas and electricity energy suppliers. This makes them a wise choice for the vast majority of people and the convenience of online account management is also an appealing proposition for most.

Once you’re signed up to an online energy plan, you can feel confident that you’re getting a good deal on your gas and electricity, although it’s worth regularly comparing your plans against newer ones in order to continue to receive the highest savings available.