Woman looking at energy bills laid out on the table and energy monitor

Energy-saving devices

Using a selection of handy home gadgets can provide a quick and easy means to saving you money. Five of the most popular and readily available are:

Automatic Radiator Bleeders

While you might think that turning your radiator down a degree is the only way of saving energy, maintaining your radiator is key to its efficiency. Instead of having to bleed your radiator every year, you can attach an automatic radiator bleeder to remove all of the built-up air in the system.

Not only will this simple gadget increase the efficiency of your heating, but also help to keep your radiators working for longer.

Selling between €15 to €25, it is a relatively low cost energy saving device, with the potential to save you a lot of time and the hassle of having to manually bleed your radiators.


Closing your windows and removing all drafts, will make sure you don’t have to turn on the heating too soon. Although windows are the most obvious, the letter box might slip your attention.

Attaching an Ecoflap will remove all possibilities of a draft and your homes heating slipping out the door. Prices can be found in the region of €25 to €35, the Eco-flap will easily earn it’s cost back within a year.

Radiator Foils

If you have wall-mounted radiators, you are currently paying to heat your house and the walls too. Inserting a layer of radiator foil on the wall behind your radiators, will ensure that none of the heat is absorbed into the wall.

Retailing around €20 to €25, the radiator foil is a cheap and easy to install energy saving device which will be instantly noticeable on your bills.


The Freeloader is a solar-charged power supply for your phone, tablet and laptop. It is the free way to power your devices. The Freeloader starts around €20, with a top end version around €60. It’s not the cheapest of energy saving devices, but once purchased, there are no further charges. You can forever more charge your phone for free, so the more you charge - the more you save.

Home energy monitors

An energy monitor is a small display, which shows you just how much energy you are currently using. You can set it to show the cost or units consumed per day, week, month and year.

Monitors start around €45 and range up to €125, which might seem a lot for an energy saving device, but you can instantly reduce your energy usage. The dial is small enough to sit on any countertop or windowsill and can be used everyday.

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