682 turn off boiler heating hot water

Reasons to consider switching off your boiler and water-heating in summer

A sizeable portion of homeowners in Ireland are accustomed to adjusting their thermostats during the summer months, but relatively few may be aware that switching off the boiler entirely is an excellent way to further reduce energy costs. Let us look at a handful of examples where this is undoubtedly the case.

Older boilers

One of the characteristics of an older boiler is that a pilot light will be constantly lit. While this light may seem to burn little fuel, an appreciable amount will be used over the summer months nonetheless. This may even be the case with modern boilers, should the water storage tanks not be properly insulated and require intermittent heating. Turning off this pilot light can save a good deal of fuel.

Washing routines

Many of us will forgo taking baths during the summer months. Some modern homes even come with electric showers. Should one not plan on taking baths and only use an electric shower that will directly heat the water, there may be no reason to keep a boiler’s pilot flame constantly burning.

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Certain household appliances

Many modern dishwashers and laundry machines have the ability to heat up water as it enters into the closed system. These “cold fill” devices do not require preheated water. Even an older model washing machine will still be able to heat up cold water from the boiler. Understanding this principle can help minimise boiler usage and further save on energy costs.

Although these are some excellent ways to save energy, it is still a good idea to occasionally turn on the boiler and circulate hot water. This will help prevent the mechanisms inside from seizing up as a result of disuse. Additionally, pilot lights may become clogged with dust or other small particles should they not be lit for a considerable period of time.