Sky scene with hot air balloons bearing names and logos of Irish energy companies

Comparing Irish electricity companies

With plenty of companies to choose from, finding the supplier that is best for you can require some careful consideration.

But, fear not, the service on offer from enables you to compare electricity prices from all electricity suppliers in Ireland so that you can find the best deal available.

We can even help you start your switch online right now.

How much does it cost to change supplier with

All of the help offered by is entirely free of charge - we just receive a small commission from the electricity companies in Ireland when you switch with us.

This has no impact on the price of your electricity tariffs nor does it have any influence on a supplier’s ranking in’s ‘best buy’ tables for electricity companies.

Are prices and details all up to date?

Our team of energy experts continuously monitors developments in the gas and electricity market in Ireland.

We also monitor all suppliers and update our data any time there’s a change to a unit rate or other charge - which we get details of directly from suppliers - to ensure the results you get are comprehensive and accurate.

How does the rating system work?

In our results table, electricity prices from all suppliers are compared and ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

Switcher conforms to standards set out by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, and we’re certified as accurate and impartial. We operate independently of energy suppliers and help you compare the best electricity and gas prices through a simple and reliable process.

Simplify switching

Using the latest rates from suppliers, you can see what rates are available, provided for free and in an impartial way. You can compare electricity tariffs and see what you could save before opting for the electricity deal that best suits your needs.

It only takes around 5 minutes to compare deals and make a switch and you could save hundreds of Euro per year.