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Level Pay from Bord Gáis Energy

Level Pay allows you to pay the same amount every month for your energy making the process of paying your bills a whole lot easier

Level Pay is a straightforward and flexible way to pay for your gas and electricity. It removes the guesswork involved in calculating your bills and replaces this with a fixed monthly bill. Bord Gáis Energy’s Level Pay is designed to remove the fear of large winter bills and allow you to properly plan your finances over the course of the whole year.

The Basics

Level Pay is a free service from Bord Gáis Energy that will standardise your monthly energy bills. You can sign up to Level Pay via direct debit, knowing exactly how much the bill will be and set the date for when you want to pay each month.

What do I need to sign up to Level Pay?

You must have a meter reading that is less than four months old, your account can not be in arrears and you must be able to sign up for a direct debit. You can set the date the Level Pay bill is paid to suit your own individual needs. You can make it after your pay day or any day of the month of your choosing.

How is the bill worked out?

Bord Gáis Energy, study your previous energy usage and make predictions on your future usage. This is the basis of how your Level Pay monthly bill is calculated. If your usage is significantly higher than predicted or the price of energy changes, the monthly bill will change appropriately. If there are only small discrepancies in the amount, this will be rolled over to next year’s bill. You will be kept fully informed of all changes in writing. This will appear at the top of your paper bill, which you will still receive every two months.

Is my bill the same every year?

Bord Gáis Energy’s Level Pay is worked out on your previous year’s usage and the current energy prices. The aim of Level Pay is to ensure the customer does not go into debt due to their energy bills. Therefore, in the first year, a 20% tolerance will be added to your bill. If at the end of the year you are owed over €200, you will be sent a cheque for this value. If you are owed under €200, this will be taken off of the next year’s Level Pay payments. If you owe any amounts, this will also be worked into the next year’s Level Pay over the course of twelve months, to avoid any sudden large bills.