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A simple guide to dual fuel

It can work out much cheaper to go with a dual fuel provider for your gas & electricity. This guide explains what these tariffs are and how they work in Ireland.

The concept of dual fuel is simple: you receive both your gas and electricity from the same energy supplier. This means if your gas bill is from a different company to your electricity bill, you are not using the dual fuel concept.

The benefits of taking dual fuel

There are a few very good reasons for considering taking out a dual fuel contract with the same energy provider.

  1. It usually works out costing less. This is because a given energy supplier will provide you with a discount for a dual tariff. This discount usually comes in the form of a monthly or yearly reduction in your bill.
  2. It is more convenient. You only receive bills from a single company, and often you will receive combined bills.
  3. In the event of problems, issues, queries and so on, you only have to deal with a single energy supplier.

How simple is it to switch to dual fuel?

Very easy. You simply have to compare between providers in your area by using any good comparison service, which makes it easy to understand how much cheaper it can be to switch.

It is very simple and straightforward to switch to a dual tariff.

If one of your providers was A and the other was B, you could switch so both of your fuels are with A, or both with B. Alternatively you could also choose to switch both to a completely different provider C.

Once you have made your choice, the switching process is simple – there are no forms to fill in, and the change will be handled for you. As far as you’re concerned, nothing will change except the cost of the bills.

Does it always cost less on a dual tariff?

This discounts you receive from energy providers often means you will enjoy lower prices, and this added to the convenience and benefits of using the same provider for both your gas and electricity often makes switching the right choice.

However, it is not always cheaper to switch, so make sure you check the offers carefully and perform comparisons between providers. Always check to see how your new tariff is priced.

What makes duel fuel different?

You might think that the fuel you get is different when you switch, but it isn’t. As far as you and your household is concerned, you will have the same gas and electricity to power your appliances and heat your home.