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Energy tariff ending? What you need to know

What happens when your fixed or discounted energy plan comes to an end?

Discounts on energy tariffs can be an excellent way to save money on one’s household bills. While these discounts are indeed effective, by their very nature they are limited in duration.

The end result is that many homeowners in Ireland may find themselves in a position where they will be forced to pay higher rates when these energy plans or discounts expire. The transition to a standard tariff may cost a homeowner a great deal of money. However, there are a few alternative solutions that consumers should consider.

Steps to take if your energy tariffs are ending

At present it is not standard procedure for gas and electricity suppliers in Ireland to issue a reminder to customers to inform them when their energy tariffs will come to an end. This can be an issue, as customers can be automatically ‘rolled-over’ onto a new more expensive tariffs.

The disadvantage here is that a standard plan will be accompanied by higher prices and an online or fixed option may not be competitive and will often entail a rather hefty fee should you decide upon switching gas and electricity providers early. Many homeowners may be confused at what actions to take.

Obtain an objective energy comparison

The most important first step is to utilise the services of an independent analysis such as one that is provided by The previous tariff or the tariff that is proposed can be compared and contrasted with all other existing energy plans. This will provide you with the insight and clarity needed to make an informed decision.

However, it is important to provide the number of kilowatt hours that you consume in an average year to obtain a representative result. You may find that you are still receiving the best rates or on the contrary, you may discover that there are plans out there that are more beneficial to your needs.

Choosing the cheapest energy plans

There are a handful of considerations that you will need to determine when switching gas and electricity providers. Online tariffs are generally the best options, for they can offer:

  • Easy to manage online accounts
  • Extra benefits such as discounts
  • Online meter readings
  • Competitive rates due to lower administration costs and increased competition

Thankfully, the online comparison tool available at will provide clear and concise comparisons of all of these factors, thus allowing you to find the cheapest and most relevant gas and electricity rates currently in Ireland.

Its important to remember that even if the rates you will be receiving through your supplier are the cheapest, there still may be other plans that offer a more robust service package or other associated benefits.

It is for this reason that an online comparison proves to be the easiest and most comprehensive way to understand what type of option may be the best choice for your individual needs.