About Switcher.ie

Switcher.ie is a free, impartial price comparison and switching service for energy, telecoms and personal finances.

Switcher.ie was established in Dublin in 2011 to help households save money on their regular bills. It’s an independent, free comparison and switching service based in Ireland.

The site is operated by Switcher Limited; a company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland (registration number 592342), the registered office is No. 1 Grant’s Row, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 HX96, Ireland.

Switch gas and electricity

Switching gas and electricity is quick and easy. On average, you could save up to €779 by switching from your standard tariff to the cheapest deal on the market.

All you need to do is compare energy suppliers using Switcher.ie’s free, impartial comparison tool and choose a deal. The full switch will then be managed by Switcher.ie and your new supplier at no extra cost to you.

All suppliers use the same pipes and cables to provide energy to your home, so you don’t even need to worry about a loss in service.

Switcher.ie is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), which means the CRU endorses Switcher.ie as an independent, impartial and accurate source of information for energy customers.

Visit our gas and electricity guides to find out all you need to know about switching your energy supplier.

Switch broadband, TV and phone

You can choose between standalone broadband plans, or bundle up your broadband with your TV or phone plan, or both! Take a look at our broadband deal checker and find out what’s available in your area or check your broadband speed and see how it compares to some of our deals.

Once you choose the deal you want, we’ll handle all of the set-up details for your new plan with your chosen supplier, which makes everything really straightforward.

If you want to know more about switching broadband, we have lots of broadband guidance and articles to browse.

Switch mobile networks and SIM-only deals

If you’re happy with your mobile phone but at the end of your contract, you could save hundreds by switching to a SIM-only mobile plan.

Easily compare deals with our SIM-only bill pay comparisons. Once you’ve chosen your preferred deal, simply click on the link and you’ll be taken directly to your new provider to sign up.

If you want a new mobile handset, you can find all the best bill pay deals with our mobile comparisons. Simply choose your ideal phone, and we’ll show you all the latest bill pay offers from Ireland’s top mobile networks. Read our mobile phone guides for more help.

Switcher.ie is proud to be Irish

Switcher.ie is officially recognised by Guaranteed Irish and we’re proud to be an Irish company, with our head office in the centre of Dublin.

FAQs about Switcher.ie

How does Switcher.ie provide a free service?

Switcher.ie has commercial arrangements in place with some energy suppliers, which means we receive a small commission every time you switch gas or electricity suppliers through us. This commission enables us to provide consumers with an accurate, up to date and free service.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the best deals and save money so we may get paid by other companies we work with, including broadband, mobile and personal finance providers. We occasionally have arrangements with financial providers to promote their products on our site.

Our commercial agreements are in place to help make the switching process as convenient as possible for customers and, in some cases, offer exclusive deals that are not available directly from the supplier.

Is Switcher.ie impartial?

Switcher.ie is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities as an impartial, accurate and independent supplier of energy price comparisons, so you can trust us to be a fair and correct source of information.

We always aim to work in a way that helps you get the best deal, which is why we’ve built filters for results listings where possible.

Can I trust Switcher.ie to be accurate?

The data we use to calculate your results on our comparison tables is provided directly by suppliers or sourced from their website. We monitor products continuously to ensure our information is comprehensive and accurate.

We update Switcher.ie daily with any changes or new products to ensure you are getting all the latest deals, up-to-date information and correct prices.

Is it safe to use Switcher.ie?

Yes. All of your details are completely safe and fully protected as our website utilises the latest server, database, backup and firewall technologies to ensure it is never accessible to anyone outside of Switcher.ie.