How to switch broadband providers

Switching your broadband plan is quick and easy and could save you a bundle. Here’s what you need to know about switching to a better broadband deal in Ireland.

Why switch your broadband provider?

Broadband providers often keep their best deals for new customers and there are lots of broadband providers in Ireland, all competing to offer the cheapest price, fastest speeds or free add-ons like Amazon Prime video or sports passes.

So, by switching to a different provider, you could enjoy the following:

  • Cheaper monthly costs
  • Faster internet speeds
  • Larger download limits
  • Better customer service
  • Free add-ons or equipment

Many households are now switching to more widely available and increasingly affordable full-fibre deals.

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Broadband price rises

Most introductory broadband contracts are between 12-24 months so if you’re on a discounted plan, your price will usually increase once the discounts ends.

Ahead of the discount end date, shop around for cheaper plans and then switch when you’re free to do so.

Many customers might also see an automatic price increase each April, based on rates from the consumer price index.

Broadband providers have introduced these new, yearly price rises because of sky-high inflation.

What’s the best way to find a new broadband provider?

With’s broadband eircode checker, you can find all the broadband deals available in Ireland.

Our broadband checker makes it easy to find the best broadband plans where you live and allows you to compare features like:

  • Monthly costs
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Broadband speeds
  • Contract length
  • Exclusive deals and rewards

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Broadband plans in Ireland

Ireland’s broadband providers offer various types of broadband packages to suit your needs. Broadband only is usually the cheapest while a TV bundle may cost the most.

Broadband only

An internet-only deal. In some cases you may still need a landline, but won’t be charged for a call plan. Providers offering broadband only include Digiweb, Pure Telecom, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

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Broadband and TV

Add digital TV to your broadband and enjoy access to exclusive content and features like the ability to pause, rewind & record live TV. eir, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone all offer broadband and TV deals.

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Broadband bundles

Although broadband only or broadband and TV are the most popular options, in some cases you can still add a landline call plan to your broadband only or broadband and TV deal, as an optional extra.

Digiweb and Pure Telecom also offer packages with internet and a landline call plan.

Six tips for a successful switch

Switching your broadband provider is quick and easy, but read these extra tips to ensure your switch goes without a hitch.

  • Discover what’s available in your area: Our broadband eircode checker searches all the deals in your location, and you can filter the results to narrow your choices.
  • Know what you need: Do you want broadband only or a broadband bundle? Think about how much speed you really need, the services you want and what you can afford each month.
  • Check you’re free to switch: Contact your current provider and give the required notice so you don’t get charged early termination fees.
  • Read the small print: Do this before you sign up for any new broadband plan, verify the monthly cost once the discount period ends, and check for any upfront costs or extra charges.
  • Cancel your current contract: You’re responsible for cancelling your broadband account with your current provider when you switch to a new provider.
  • Agree an installation date: Once you have a cut-off date with your old provider, confirm the start date with your new one, so you experience as little downtime as possible.

Some providers might notify customers when their contract is due to end, but they’re not legally obligated to. You can check your contract terms for the expiry date.

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Is it worth haggling with your provider?

Yes, tell your current provider you’re thinking of a change before you make the switch. Let them know you’re leaving, and they ‘may’ pull out all the stops to keep you.

Use a comparison website to find some cheaper deals and ask if they’ll price match, it could potentially lead to a new offer at a cheaper price - but it’s not guaranteed.

Whatever their response, consider the offer carefully because you could save even more by switching to a new broadband provider.

Switching to a new broadband provider

What happens next?

If you’ve found a better deal on, once you’ve submitted your details for your new broadband product, your new provider will be in touch to confirm the switch.

Here’s several things you must do to ensure a simple switch:

  1. Provide some additional details to your new provider to set up your account
  2. Give your current broadband provider the relevant notice to cancel your contract
  3. Agree an installation date with your new provider to avoid any interruption in service
  4. Cancel all Direct Debits to your old provider, once your account is closed and bill settled

What if you change your mind?

If you have a change of heart or you find a better deal elsewhere, most broadband providers offer a 14-day cooling-off period, which means you can cancel the contract without penalty.

Cancelling your broadband

Once you’re free to switch to a new provider, you are responsible for cancelling your broadband account with your current provider.

You’ll need to give your provider the relevant notice and arrange a date to close your account to avoid any penalties for early termination.

To ensure the cancellation process goes smoothly, have to hand your UAN number, name, address and telephone number as they appear on your bill.

If you’re cancelling due to a problem with your broadband service, check your consumer rights first.

Do you have to pay anything when you switch broadband?

No, usually equipment is loaned or provided free of charge, but any equipment must be sent back within 30 days of your broadband cancellation date.

They’ll be in touch to tell you how to return any items. Include all peripherals like cables, power adapters and wifi extenders in your return so you don’t get billed for them.

Depending on the type of broadband connection you are arranging there could be additional installation costs, so check the plan information before you sign up.

Are there any hidden costs to switching?

No, but check the plan information carefully before you sign up. You’ll pay the monthly charge you see listed on and any other upfront costs outlined in the plan information.

The monthly price shown is often a discounted price for a limited time, so check how long the introductory price lasts and how much it increases once it ends.

Make sure you’re out of contract before switching because if you are still within the minimum term, you’ll have to pay an early termination charge.

How much notice should you give?

Most broadband providers require you to give them 30 days notice to cancel your contract when you switch regardless of whether you’re within the minimum contract term or not.

Once your discounted plan has ended you can switch without penalty.

However, if you are still within the minimum term, your existing provider will charge an early exit fee for cancelling your contract. One exception is if you have a contract-free broadband product.

When should you cancel your Direct Debit?

After you decide to switch, you will need to give your broadband provider the notice stated in your contract (which is usually 30 days) to ensure you switch without any penalties.

Arrange a date with your provider to close your account. Once the account is closed and you have settled any outstanding payment, you can then cancel the Direct Debit.

Will you lose service during the switch?

A temporary loss of broadband service can sometimes occur during the switching process. This shouldn’t last too long, but if you need internet access during the day, try to arrange your switchover outside of any critical periods.

Switching broadband FAQs

What is the UAN?

UAN is short for Universal Account Number. It’s an eight digit unique identification number for the line that carries broadband and phone signals to your home.

The UAN is usually required to switch broadband providers and to keep your existing phone number when switching. It can be found on most broadband and phone bills or on your online account.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. According to ComReg, it is possible to keep your landline number when moving to a new address as long as the same telephone exchange services the new location.

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