Samsung Galaxy deals in Ireland

The Samsung Galaxy range is one of the most popular ranges of handsets on sale worldwide. Here’s how the current Samsung Galaxy offers compare in Ireland.

Samsung Galaxy bill pay offers

You can compare Galaxy bill pay prices for a range of handsets by clicking on the phones below:

What’s the most recent Samsung Galaxy phone?

The latest Samsung Galaxy range is the S21, which was released in Ireland in January 2021. There are currently three S21 handsets on sale in Ireland, these are:

  • S21
  • S21+
  • S21 Ultra

The S21 series offers some of the best specification cameras you’ll find on the mobile phone market. A stunning display, alongside Samsung’s latest flagship features like wireless charging, 8K video capture and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is sure to turn heads.

Other Samsung Galaxy phones

If you’re looking for a Samsung phone with impressive features, but a more affordable price point, many of Ireland’s leading networks are still offering bill pay contracts for the following handsets:

  • Galaxy S20: This much heralded S20 series upped the ante for mobile phone photography and sheer power. A triple camera, 8K Video Snap and AI-assisted features made this an essential upgrade for Android lovers.
  • Galaxy S10 or S10+: the precursor to the S20 range and a year older, the S10 range boasts wireless power-sharing, an Infinity-O-display and hybrid SIM. It also has a headphone jack, which has been ditched on the newer S20 phones.
  • Galaxy Note 10 released back in August 2019, the larger Note 10 is still Samsung’s flagship ‘phablet’ device - straddling between a phone and a tablet. If you want more screen space without paying for a premium S series phone the Note 10 could be a good choice. It also has the S-Pen and a 12MP camera.
  • Samsung A71: released at the start of 2020, the A71 has a large 6.7” display with a Super AMOLED Plus panel. It has a 32MP front-facing camera and packs four cameras at the rear. With a great battery life too, this phone has flagship features at an affordable price.
  • Galaxy Z Flip: released in February 2020, the Flip folds vertically using an ultra-thin glass screen. If you’re looking for something a bit different the Samsung Flip could be an interesting choice, but be prepared to pay a little more as it’s not cheap.

Samsung Galaxy A71 for €99.99 from Vodafone

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Cheaper Samsung Galaxy prices

One way of keeping costs down is to buy a pre-owned handset from a reputable company. If you haven’t considered this before, our guide: Should you buy a refurbished phone? can help.

Alternatively, many of the older Samsung phones are free when you sign up to a bill pay contract.

This can be a good way to spread the cost because there is no upfront cost for the handset, but you will pay a monthly bill.

If you want the cheapest Samsung Galaxy phone, you can still get these handsets in Ireland.

Samsung Galaxy A51

The Galaxy A51 is part of Samsung’s mid-range A series of handsets. The A51 still offers a lot of features without the price tag, including a quad-camera system, large Super AMOLED Infinity O display and long-life battery.

A51 pros & cons

  • 6.5 inch HD+ screen
  • 48MP wide angle camera
  • Powerful battery
  • No wireless charging
  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Not 5G compatible

Samsung Galaxy A41

The Samsung A40 is a mid-range handset released in May 2020, that’s available free with a bill pay contract with some networks in Ireland.

Again, it’s cheaper than its S series counterparts, but missing some of the latest features you can get with the S20 phones.

A41 pros & cons

  • 48MP dual camera
  • 6.1” Super AMOLED display
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • No wireless charging
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Not 5G compatible

Free Samsung Galaxy A41 from Three

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Samsung Galaxy A21s

The A21s was released in Ireland in June 2020 as a cheaper alternative to the flagship ranges. Despite the cheaper price, it still has some impressive features:

A21s pros & cons

  • 6.5 inch HD+ display
  • 48MP Quad-camera
  • Long-life battery
  • No wireless charging
  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Not 5G compatible

Free Samsung Galaxy A21s with Tesco Mobile

Get a free Samsung Galaxy A21s and pay €29.51 per month with Tesco Mobile

What are the alternatives?

If you’re not sure whether a Samsung phone is the right choice, take a look at the best iPhone bill pay prices here. You can also click on the phones below for more leading bill pay deals.

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