Mobiles Guides

Our guides to mobiles in Ireland explain all you need to know about mobile phones! From choosing your mobile phone provider, to how to switch mobile providers, explaining the different types of mobile contracts to how to compare mobile devices to find the right phone for you.

Hand holding up a SIM card

Compare SIM-only bill pay deals

Looking for a SIM-only mobile phone plan? can help you find the best deal.

Man sitting at a table holding his mobile phone and mobile phone bill

Switching to a SIM-only deal

With a SIM-only deal your bills will be lower as you only pay for your calls, texts and data - not your handset. Here are some SIM-only plans to suit every type of phone user.

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Roaming charges

Roaming charges can be costly, but from 15 June 2017, new rules mean Irish customers travelling within the EU can ‘Roam like at Home’.

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Who offers the best mobile phone coverage in Ireland?

Good phone reception is crucial for making and receiving calls and texts, as well as accessing data. Here’s how to work out which network can offer you the best coverage.

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Do you need mobile phone insurance?

Phone insurance can offer valuable financial protection if you lose or damage your phone, but it can also be expensive. Here’s how to work out whether you really need it and how to pick the right cover.

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How to unlock your mobile phone

Unlocking your phone takes minutes and lets you pick the best SIM only deal on the market. Here’s how to unlock your handset.

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Mobile data allowance

Data is used whenever you use the internet and are not connected to WiFi. This includes when you use apps like WhatsApp to send or receive messages or make calls, access social media, browse the internet, stream video, or listen to music through an online app.