How boiler servicing plans work in Ireland

If your boiler breaks, you could be without heating or hot water. Boiler cover ensures you can get it fixed without a hefty bill. Here’s what boiler service plans cover and how to work out if they’re worth it.

What is a boiler care plan?

It’s a type of insurance cover that protects your boiler and pays for repairs or a replacement should something go wrong.

Most energy suppliers in Ireland offer boiler cover protection plans as an added extra that you pay for as part of your energy bill each month.

Boiler servicing plans vary from one supplier to another, but can cover:

  • Replacement parts
  • Labour cost to repair your boiler if it stops working
  • An annual boiler service
  • 365 days a year breakdown assistance

How to choose the right boiler cover

Most energy suppliers offer boiler cover or boiler care plans, but they all offer slightly different levels of protection.

Key things to check are:

  • Labour costs: Not all policies will include the labour cost of fixing your boiler and others will set a maximum limit that they’ll pay each year. Labour costs can significantly increase the cost of repairing your boiler so a policy that will pay for them could offer better value.
  • If parts are covered: Some policies will pay for new parts while others exclude them. Most also have a list of excluded parts, which you’ll need to pay for if they need to be replaced.
  • Boiler safety checks: Some insurers offer an initial boiler safety check to inspect your boiler and make sure it’s ventilating properly and there are no electrical faults.
  • Boiler services: Some boiler care policies include an annual service; this not only saves you money but also helps prevent any boiler issues before they occur.

It’s also worth checking if your existing energy supplier offers a discount on their boiler cover, and if your home insurance includes boiler cover (this may be under emergency repairs or home assistance).

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Is boiler cover worth it?

If you want peace of mind and assurance that you’ll get expert help to repair your boiler should it stop working, then boiler cover is worth considering.

Boiler cover typically costs around €100 per year, so buying protection could save you a bill that runs into the hundreds if your boiler breaks down.

Bear in mind that if your boiler falters and it’s still within the warranty, you may already be covered, but not as comprehensively as you would be with dedicated boiler cover.

What are the alternatives?

There are two main alternatives:

  1. Paying for one off repairs
  2. Installing a new boiler

One-off repairs

This is when you wait until a problem occurs with your boiler and pay for it to be repaired.

You can get one off repairs to fix your boiler from most Irish energy suppliers, independent plumbers and gas technicians.

However, depending on what’s gone wrong and whether or not you need new parts the cost can vary substantially.

Pros and cons

A simple fix could be relatively cheap, but if you need replacement parts and it will take several hours of work and the price can quickly add up.

  • Could be cheapest option if it’s a quick fix
  • Only pay when you need repairs
  • No guarantee of there being no future issues
  • May have to wait for parts
  • Will be more expensive out of hours

A new boiler

If your boiler can’t be repaired, or repairs are going to be very expensive, you could choose to buy a brand new boiler instead. A new boiler should last between 10-15 years.

A new boiler could cost anywhere between €1,000 and €2,500, depending on the make, model and type of boiler you need. The installation will typically cost between €500 and €1,500.

Pros and cons

  • Most new boilers include a warranty
  • May be more energy efficient
  • Newer boilers are often smaller, saving space
  • Can be very expensive*
  • May need to pay for installation
  • May have to wait for delivery & installation

*You can sometimes spread the cost of a new boiler by paying in instalments.

Boiler care FAQs

Does home insurance include boiler breakdown?

Most home insurance policies don’t cover boiler breakdown as standard, although you can often add it as an optional extra. Read our guide to find out more about what home insurance covers here.

Do I have to take out boiler cover from my energy supplier?

No, you can take out boiler cover from any provider, although many energy suppliers offer a discount for existing energy customers.

What happens if my boiler cannot be repaired?

If your boiler cannot be repaired then you will need to order a new, replacement boiler. Most boiler cover plans don’t pay for a brand new boiler if yours cannot be fixed.

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