Martin Lane

Martin Lane

Martin has over 10 years writing experience, and was previously the Managing Editor of and Financial Services Content Lead at uSwitch. He has often appeared as a guest on UK radio stations, including BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live, talking about personal finance, insurance and managing your money. At, Martin oversees the articles and guides written by the team and helps edit the email and social media posts.

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Football in the back of a goal

Best TV sports packages in Ireland

If you’re a sports fan, a standard digital TV package may not cut it. Here’s how to choose a sports package that lets you watch all the action, for less.

Woman looking at her phone

How to unlock your mobile phone

Unlocking your phone takes minutes and lets you pick the best SIM-only deal on the market. Here’s how to unlock your handset.

Mum with baby and toddler on sofa with ipad

7 ways to save money on your home insurance

Home insurance protects our belongings and the property itself but it can be expensive. Here are 7 easy ways to save some euro on your home insurance cover.

toy houses in a row

Stamp duty in Ireland explained

When you buy a home in Ireland you’ll have to pay a tax called stamp duty. Here’s how stamp duty works and how much it’ll cost you.

Woman sat on sofa with laptop on her lap

Mortgage calculators Ireland

You can use our free online mortgage calculators to estimate your mortgage repayments, work out how much you can borrow and calculate yourstamp duty bill.

Tap dripping into a basin

When do Irish water charges start?

A guide to water services in Ireland, the new Excess Use Charge from Uisce Éireann (Irish Water) and how to save on water bills.

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NOW Logo

NOW - Sky's streaming service

Want to watch award-winning TV & movies in Ireland, but don’t want to sign up for a lengthy contract? NOW could be what you’re looking for.

Last will and testament

How does gift and inheritance tax work?

If you receive a gift or inheritance you may have to pay tax on it. Here’s a closer look at how gifts and inheritance are taxed in Ireland.

woman moving boxes

How to get a mortgage if you’re self employed

If you run a business or work for yourself, getting a mortgage can be tricky. Here’s how to secure a mortgage when you’re self-employed in Ireland.

Dial gas meter for meter reading

How do boiler servicing plans work in Ireland?

If your boiler breaks you could be without heating or hot water, boiler cover ensures you can get it fixed without a hefty bill. Here’s what boiler service plans cover and how to work out if they’re worth it.

house surrounded money

How do mortgage deposits in Ireland work?

Before you can get a mortgage to buy a home in Ireland you’ll need a deposit. Here’s how they work and how much you’ll need to have saved.

Study with sofa and bookcase

What does contents insurance cover?

Contents insurance protects your belongings and possessions from theft and damage. Here’s how contents insurance works and how to choose the right cover.

Old man on holiday overlooking the sea

How to get travel insurance as you get older

As you get older, finding the right cover for your holiday can be tricky and expensive. Here’s how to get the right travel insurance without paying more than you need to.