How to find cheap car insurance quotes in Ireland

You could save hundreds of euro on your car insurance by comparing quotes and choosing the right policy, whether you’re a new or experienced driver.

Young driver car insurance

Choose the right, affordable cover if you’re under 25.

Find cheaper young driver cover
Find cheaper young driver cover

Learner drivers

Get everything ready to start learning to drive.

Apply for a learner permit
Apply for a learner permit

How to get the best car insurance

You’ll need to start by choosing the right type of car insurance for your needs.

Types of car insurance

There are three main types of car insurance. Each offers a different level of protection and this is usually reflected in the policy price.

  1. Third party: is the minimum requirement by law. If you cause an accident, only the third parties like your passengers, pedestrians and other drivers and their passengers, will be compensated. Any damage to your car won’t be covered.
  2. Third party, fire and theft: covers third parties and adds protection for damage to your vehicle caused by fire or theft. Other damage to your vehicle such as vandalism isn’t covered.
  3. Comprehensive: offers the most protection as it covers all parties involved in an accident as well as your car and belongings. Your vehicle is also covered against theft, and damage caused by vandalism.

Some comprehensive policies include additional features as standard such as:

What affects the cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of cover. Here are some of the most common:

What about add ons?

You can pay extra for things that aren’t included in your policy, for example:

Only pay for the extras you need, and check you’re not already covered on a separate policy e.g. breakdown cover.

Who offers car insurance?

Here are some of the insurance providers and brokers that offer car insurance in Ireland:

How to get cheaper car insurance in Ireland

Make sure your personal details are kept up to date as they can affect the cost of your policy and leaving them incorrect could invalidate your insurance.

How to choose the right cover

Deciding which type of insurance you need and where to buy it from can be tricky. Here are a few things to help you choose:

Car insurance FAQs

Are older cars more expensive to insure?

They can be yes, but it depends on other factors too. For example, regular older cars (up to 15 years old) are usually more expensive than newer cars to insure, but classic cars (over 15 years old) are cheaper to insure.

Find out more about what counts as a classic car and classic car insurance.

If you have an older car, it can be more difficult to repair if it’s involved in an accident. It may also be more likely to cause an accident because it lacks some of the modern safety features.

If you are looking at getting a newer car, check what insurance group it is before buying, these range from 1-50. The lower the group number, the cheaper it will be to insure.

Can I be insured on two cars?

Yes as long as you select the right type of insurance.

For example, you need to declare if you’re the main driver of the vehicle or just a named driver.

If you’re the main driver, you use the car the most and if you’re a named driver, you have occasional or shared use of a vehicle with someone else who is the main driver.

You can usually only build up your no claims discount as a main driver.

Can I insure two cars on the same policy?

Yes, with a multi-car policy. This is where you can have additional cars from your household on the same policy.

You get a discount for each extra car that’s added, and you can usually have up to five cars on the policy.

Always compare single car quotes against the cost of a multi-car policy as it may work out cheaper.

You should also shop around for the best multi-car discounts as these can vary.

Does my insurance cover me to drive someone else’s car?

If you have comprehensive cover, you may be insured to drive another car but check the policy details first.

Do I need car insurance to learn to drive?

It depends which car you’re driving. When you’re having lessons with an approved driving instructor, you’re covered on their insurance but if you’re practicing outside of these lessons, you’ll need insurance. Find out more about what you need to sort out as a learner driver.

How much is car insurance in Ireland?

There are several factors that affect the cost of insurance, so to get an accurate quote you’ll need to submit your personal details.

However, the average cost of car insurance in Ireland is around €676 a year. It will cost considerably more than this if you’re a new driver or have driving convictions.

Which cars are cheap to insure?

There are 50 car insurance groups, simply numbered from 1 to 50, that are decided by a number of factors, such as the value, performance, security and cost to repair the car.

Insurance group 1 cars are the cheapest to insure and they usually have small engines and plenty of safety features.

If you’re looking to change your car, check which insurance group it’s in before you buy, so you know roughly how much it’ll cost to insure.

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