Compare Virgin Mobile SIM-only deals

Virgin Mobile offers two main SIM-only plans to suit both light and heavy phone users.

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SIM-only deals for existing customers

Existing Virgin Media customers can get the Virgin Mobile unlimited plan for €15 per month for 12 months, saving €120.

The plan comes with unlimited calls, texts and data, so it should work well for heavy users.

This is a SIM-only, 30-day bill-pay contract, so you won’t be tied into any long contracts if you sign up.

If you don’t think you need an unlimited plan, you could opt for Virgin Mobile’s 5GB plan instead.

This plan is also a SIM-only, 30-day bill-pay contract and comes with 500 minutes, 500 texts and 5GB of data - and you’ll get this full allowance when roaming, too.

SIM-only deals for new customers

The table below shows Virgin Mobile’s SIM-only deals for new customers.

Plan Overview
Unlimited Plan
30 days
€15 p/m
for 12 months, then €25 p/m
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Virgin Mobile 5GB
30 days
€15 p/m
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If you’re choosing one of these plans, you’ll need to consider whether a set allocation of minutes, texts and data works for you, or if you’d prefer an unlimited deal.

Why choose Virgin Mobile?

  • Virgin Mobile has two distinct SIM-only plans, to suit light and heavy users.
  • With ‘Roam like at Home’, you can get the exact same allowance on calls and texts while roaming in the EU as you have at home. With the Virgin Mobile’s unlimited plan, you’ll get 13.6GB of data, while with the 5GB plan, you’ll get the same allowance in the EU as you do at home.
  • Customers can manage their account quickly and easily online with My Virgin Media.
  • Customers can get an International Add-On - which includes 350 international minutes a month to The USA, Canada and 44 EU and other European destinations - for just €5 per month.
  • If you like, you can move to a cheaper plan, or add more minutes, texts and data, at any stage - and the change will take affect on your next billing date.
  • Switching is super easy - and you can even bring your current mobile number with you! Once you receive your SIM, you can register or sign in to your My Virgin Media account to move your number to your new Virgin Mobile SIM.

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Virgin Mobile’s network coverage

Virgin Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which means that rather than having its own network, it uses one that’s already established to provide its customers with network service.

Virgin Mobile runs off Three’s network (which merged with O2 in 2015). Virgin Mobile says that, with this network, it has 99.6% population coverage (97.2% coverage for 3G data and 86.8% for 4G data services).

What this means in practice is that if you - or people in your local area - have good reception from Three, Virgin Mobile should work well for you, too.

Virgin Mobile FAQs

Can I get Virgin Mobile if Virgin broadband isn't in my area?

Yes, Virgin mobile is available nationwide, not just in their cable areas.

The Virgin Mobile network is powered by the Three network, so Virgin coverage is exactly the same, which is 97.6% for 4G services and 99.9% for calling services.

Can I keep my mobile number if I switch to SIM-only?

Yes, you can keep your number when you switch to a Virgin Mobile SIM-only plan.

On receipt of your SIM, register for a My Virgin Media account (or sign in if you’re an existing Virgin Media customer).

You’ll then be taken through 3 easy steps to move your existing number to your new Virgin Mobile SIM.

Can I upgrade to a handset plan from a Virgin Mobile SIM-only plan?

With a 30-day SIM-only plan, you have the freedom to upgrade or change your plan at any time, without worrying about exit fees or charges.

Virgin Mobile is also really flexible, even if you don’t want to upgrade you have the option move to a cheaper plan, or add more minutes, texts and data, at any stage, and the change will take effect on your next billing date.

Does Virgin Mobile have a fair usage policy?

Yes, a fair usage policy applies to the Unlimited Plan. Any usage over 80GB will result in limited speeds.

How long will it take for my SIM to arrive from Virgin Mobile?

If you place your order before 8pm you’ll be offered next day delivery from Virgin Mobile. Once the order goes through, you’ll get an email and text with delivery details, and ways to change them if they don’t suit you.

What are the advantages of a Virgin Mobile SIM-only deal?

If you’ve paid off your phone and don’t want to part with your handset, you’ll save money by switching to a SIM-only deal. The advantages of switching to a Virgin Mobile SIM-only deal include:

  • You can keep your existing phone
  • SIM-only plans are cheaper
  • It’s flexible, with no contract tie-ins
  • It’s a good way to check how a new network performs without locking into a 2-year deal

It can sometimes work out cheaper to buy your phone outright and opt for a SIM-only deal, especially if you don’t mind buying a refurbished phone.