Sky is one of the largest broadband providers in Ireland, offering consumers a range of internet packages and TV bundles.

The telecommunications company has expanded rapidly since launching in Ireland a number of years ago, now offering full communication packages.

With Sky broadband, Sky TV and home phone packages available, consumers can pick and choose just how much of the Sky’s service in Ireland they want to have at home. Within these overarching areas, the provider has a number of additional services and offers, such as international calls, free modem, free connection and special price discounts.

The broadband packages provided by Sky offer consumers a number of different options and different price points, from straightforward broadband and home phone packages, to entertainment bundles combining unlimited broadband, premium TV channels and extra features such as Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

Company history

Sky digital TV is operated by British Sky Broadcasting Group plc (BSkyB), the successful television company which was created via the joining together of Sky Television and BSB in 1990.

Sky were the leaders in bringing satellite television to the fore in Ireland with their service offering of news, entertainment and sports channels, all of which have become extremely popular with the Irish public. The development of their movie channels has extended the reach of Sky in terms of their own brand of channels.

As well as carrying access to all Irish television channels, Sky also broadcast a wide range of popular UK and international channels which has added to the business’ growth in Ireland.

The introduction of additional services such as high tech Sky+ digital boxes as well as newer features like Sky Go and Sky Go Extra only added to its popularity. The company later launched its first broadband service in Ireland, which also experienced considerable demand from the outset.

Customer service

Sky has a solid reputation as provider of reliable and helpful customer service in Ireland, which is reflected in its customers support both online and over the phone.Consumers with a problem or query can call a Sky Ireland agent between 7am and 11pm, with calls costing 5.3c per minute for eir customers, with a 9.7c connection fee.

Calls from other providers may vary, but Sky Talk customers can call the contact centres free of charge.There are also online tools for helping customers deal with issues without having to pick up the phone, along with forums for sharing tips and advice with other Sky customers.


All Sky’s broadband packages come with a dedicated wireless router – known as the Sky Hub – giving consumers access to broadband on multiple devices throughout their home. The Sky Hub has Sky Smart technology built in, meaning it will scan your home regularly for the best wireless channel to give you the fastest speeds possible. It also uses intelligent power consumption to switch to low power mode when not in use.

The Sky Hub is easy to install and provides fast reliable broadband with packages ranging from up to 24Mb and superfast fibre broadband up to 100Mb. Both packages are available with limited and unlimited download capacities and come as part of a bundle with Sky Talk.

The limited packages come with a download limit of 2GB, while the unlimited packages allow you to browse and download as much as you want each month. Additional features are available with some packages, including more TV channels and call options.