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First Month FreeAvailable when joining Clear Mobile. Subject to eligibility. T&C's apply.
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€12.99 Activation fee
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Your complete guide to mobiles in Ireland

Whether you’re choosing a new mobile network, curious about 5G or want a refurbished phone, our complete guide to mobiles covers everything you need to know, including how to compare SIM-only deals and bill pay phones.

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Our expert says

The good news is there are lots of flexible and affordable mobile deals out there.

When looking for the best mobile plan, a SIM-only deal can be a cost-effective and flexible option.

These plans offer benefits such as lower monthly costs and the ability to switch providers without changing your phone. Additionally, SIM-only options include various data plans with different speed limits for activities like browsing, streaming, and video calls. Some plans also include international calls, which can be a great benefit if you frequently call abroad.

SIM-only deals or pay-as-you-go plans are ideal for those on a budget or who want to be contract-free and a refurbished phone could save you hundreds of euros compared to a new device.

If you want the latest smartphone, like and iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and need to spread the cost, you could opt for a bill pay plan.

Bill pay plans often come with specific terms and conditions, such as a minimum term of 24 months and a fair usage policy for calls and texts. Check your existing data and call usage to help you choose the right deal so you only pay for the airtime you need.

Before switching to a new provider, it’s a good idea to research their coverage in your area first. A strong, reliable data connection is crucial as it impacts activities like browsing the internet, checking social media, music streaming, sending and receiving files, making video calls, and streaming HD-quality content.

5G, with average speeds ten times faster than 4G, has now rolled out to most towns in Ireland - but don’t fork out for a super-fast plan or device if you don’t need it.

Other ways to save include multi-deal discounts like Vodafone’s RED Family plan, or you can bundle your mobile plan with broadband and enjoy reduced monthly bills.

Eoin Clarke

Eoin Clarke

Choosing the best mobile deal

Whether your bill pay contract has ended and you’re looking for a cheaper deal, or you’re thinking of a buying the latest bill pay phone, here’s some tips for choosing the right plan.

SIM-only deals

A SIM-only deal is cheaper and more flexible than bill pay, as you’re not covering the cost of a phone, and it is only a 30-day, rolling contract.

It might be a good choice for those who don’t want to buy a new phone. You can also read our SIM-only guide.

Bill pay phone plans

A bill pay phone plan means paying for your phone and airtime monthly instead of buying a new phone upfront.

It’s best for those who want a new device, and prefer to spread the cost. Read our bill pay and SIM-only guide to weigh up which is right for you.

Prepay or pay as you go

A prepay or pay as you go mobile plan is paid for upfront, as opposed to a monthly bill and contract.

It can be useful if you’re under 18 and don’t have a bank account, if you have a poor credit history or if you don’t want to be tied into a contract.

Mobile add ons and bundles

An add-on is a bundle of minutes, texts, data, or combination, that can be bought and activated straight away, keeping you topped up for 30 days, or on an ongoing basis.

Check out whether you can tie in your mobile plan with other services like broadband, phone and TV for extra perks or discounts.

Latest Update

Mobiles roundup

Mobile phone calls and texts continue to plummet

01/07/2024: According to the latest figures from Irish telecoms operator ComReg, traditional calls and texts from smartphones continue to fall in Ireland. Texts between phones dropped by 34% and calls by 12%.

The latest figures suggest that Meta-owned WhatsApp and Apple-owned iMessage now host the majority of text messages and a growing proportion of voice calls in Ireland.

Revolut launches eSIM for EEA customers

01/05/2024: Revolut is one of the first digital banks in the Economic European Area (EEA) to launch an eSIM - allowing customers to access data plans in over 100 countries and avoid roaming charges while travelling abroad.

Irish customers will be able to install their eSIM digitally, which they can then top up via the Revolut app.

The Revolut eSIM can also be used simultaneously as a physical SIM, allowing customers to switch easily between networks.

Plans to ban annual CPI-linked mobile price hikes

01/04/2024: The Irish government is considering banning broadband and mobile providers from imposing automatic annual price rises linked to the inflation rate.

Telecoms providers Eir, Vodafone, and Three Ireland use this pricing model, which could increase mobile phone bills by up to 11% in April 2024.

Tesco Mobile announces two-year price freeze

29/02/2024: Tesco Mobile says they will freeze prices for new and existing customers for the next two years.

The company, who is the largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Ireland, said prices of 24-month, bill pay plans would remain unchanged for the duration the contract.

The announcement comes as many Eir, Vodafone, and Three customers face recurring, annual price increases tied to inflation.

48 launches 5G with €12.99 plan

15/02/2024: 48 is the latest mobile network to offer unlimited 5G as standard.

Customers can now enjoy 5G with 48’s prepay, SIM-only deal for €12.99 a month. This deal comes with unlimited calls, texts, and data, and the provider is also offering a second month free.

48 uses the Three network, which offer over 85% 5G coverage.

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 launches in Ireland

18/01/2024: Samsung has launched the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Innovative AI features will enable mobile users to get quick language translation on a call, convert voice recordings into text and edit photos like a professional.

There are only a few design changes, such as thinner bezels and flatter edges and the cameras remain the same. It will be available in a range of pastel hues.

Pre-orders are available from 18 January 2024 from mobile networks and the website. The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+ will start shipping on 24 January and the S24 Ultra on 14 February.

What you need to know

Buying a refurbished phone

A refurbished phone - a preowned device restored to like-new conditions - could save your over €370 vs a shiny new smartphone.

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5G vs 4G

5G, or fifth generation, is the latest leap in mobile internet with faster connection and download speeds than its predecessor, 4G.

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Mobile networks in Ireland

There are three main networks operating in Ireland, eir, Three, and Vodafone. There are seven virtual networks operators (MVNOs) that lease space from the main networks.

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Mobile coverage

ComReg (The Commission for Communications Regulation) has an outdoor mobile coverage map that makes it easy to check coverage and signal levels of all the networks at your Eircode.

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