Clear Mobile SIM-only deals

Clear Mobile is the latest no-frills network offering a simple, affordable SIM-only plan with no ties.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, contract-free SIM-only deal, Clear Mobile could be the ideal solution.

Here’s what you get for €12.99:

  • Unlimited data (max speed 5Mbps)
  • Unlimited calls and texts in Ireland
  • EU & UK roaming for all calls and texts & 10GB data
  • No ties, 30-day rolling contract
  • Online billing & care

Clear Mobile’s network coverage

Clear Mobile uses the Vodafone network so you get the same reliable and extensive coverage enjoyed by 2 million Vodafone customers.

This means that Clear Mobile has 99% 4G population coverage in Ireland allowing you to enjoy download speeds up to 5Mbps and uploads to 3Mbps.

Why choose Clear Mobile?

Clear Mobile offer unlimited data, calls and texts at an affordable €12.99 per month. This means you’re in control of what leaves your bank account each month and you’ll have no worries about exceeding your data limit.

If you travel outside Ireland, Clear Mobile offer a generous 10GB of data and EU & UK roaming, so you’re not landed with a hefty bill at the end of your holiday.

The 30-day rolling contract means you’re free to leave whenever you please.

Any drawbacks?

The 5Mbps download speed limit is a disadvantage and won’t appeal to high-usage mobile users.

For most people who want to stream the odd movie, listen to music on the go or video message, this cap won’t be a problem. But, if you need to download software or want to enjoy lag-free, online gaming, this could be an issue.

There is also a €12.99 activation fee, payable when you sign up. If you are hoping to benefit from their ‘first-month free’ offer you will still have to pay the €12.99 activation fee.