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Need help lowering your gas and electricity bills? Read our energy guides and learn how to find the cheapest prices and tariffs to keep your energy costs down.

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Gas and electricity pylons and cables

Compare electricity prices and cut your costs

Compare electricity prices with Ireland's top gas and electricity switching service.

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Couple sitting on a couch looking at  all of their household bills

The average gas and electricity bill

If you're not sure what the average electricity and gas bill is in Ireland, Switcher has all of the information you need to know.

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Blue tungsten lightbulb lit up

Cheapest gas and electricity supplier

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Light bulbs hanging from the ceiling in a blue room

How to switch your gas and electricity

Comparing gas and electricity suppliers could save you hundreds of euro.

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Several energy efficient bulbs lit up on a table

Finding a cheap electricity supplier

Discover how to identify a cheap electricity supplier and get the best deal with our quick and easy comparison tool.

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Night sky with tall buildings cranes and cables

Compare dual fuel tariffs

When looking at different dual fuel energy suppliers, it's essential to look around for the best deals. Here's a quick guide to help you with the process.

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