All about gas & electricity in Ireland

Need help to reduce your gas and electricity bills? Our helpful guides are packed with expert tips to keep your energy costs down and find the cheapest tariffs.

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How to switch electricity & gas in Ireland

Switching to a cheaper electricity or gas plan is quick and easy and could save you hundreds of euro. Here’s how to find a better deal and switch your supplier.

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How to compare gas & electricity prices in Ireland

Switching to a cheaper gas and electricity deal could save you hundreds of euros yearly. Here’s how to compare energy suppliers and switch to a new plan that costs less.

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Top energy tips to save money

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bills is by cutting back on your usage. Here’s all you need to know about energy efficiency with money-saving tips to reduce your bills.

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Home battery storage explained

From making the most of your surplus energy to storing cheap, night-rate electricity, our solar battery guide has everything you need to know including how much you can save

Solar Panel Installation sunshine

Solar panel installation in Ireland

Here’s all you need to know about solar panel installation in Ireland. Discover how solar energy works, how much it costs, available grants and whether solar panels can save you money on energy bills.

Feed in Tariffs Ireland

Micro-generation and feed-in tariffs explained

Whether you’re considering heat pump or solar panel installation, here’s all you need to know about microgeneration in Ireland and how to choose the best feed-in tariff to reduce your energy bill.

energy efficient cooking tips

The best energy-efficient cooking tips to save money

With gas and electricity bills reaching boiling point and the kitchen being one of the most energy-thirsty places in the home - we’ve dished up some top tips for faster, smarter and more energy-efficient cooking.

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What your smart meter upgrade means for you

The ESB smart meter rollout is taking place across Ireland now, so whether you’re a homeowner or a business, you’ll get your new smart meter free of charge before 2024. Here’s what you need to know.

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How do boiler servicing plans work in Ireland?

If your boiler breaks you could be without heating or hot water, boiler cover ensures you can get it fixed without a hefty bill. Here’s what boiler service plans cover and how to work out if they’re worth it.

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Your guide to Pay As You Go energy in Ireland

Here’s how pay as you go electricity and gas plans work in Ireland. We compare prepay energy prices, weigh up the pros and cons, and explain how to switch to stay on top of your bills.

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How to find out your energy supplier in Ireland

Not sure who your energy supplier is? Here’s how to find out who supplies gas and electricity to your home.

electric car charging

Electric car charging in Ireland

Unlock the potential of electric vehicle ownership with our home charging guide. Learn about costs and savings, EV charger installation, and choosing the right charger.

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Who offers renewable energy in Ireland?

You can reduce your environmental impact and save money by choosing a green energy plan. Here’s how renewable energy in Ireland works and how to switch to a greener tariff.

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What is the average gas and electricity bill in Ireland?

If you want cheaper gas and electricity bills, it’s helpful to understand how your energy usage compares and how your bill is calculated. Here’s all you need to know about energy bills in Ireland.

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How the PSO Levy works in Ireland

You may have seen the PSO Levy on your energy bills, but what is it? Here’s all you need to know about Ireland’s PSO Levy and how it affects your electricity bills.

Energy Retrofit Ireland

Retrofitting in Ireland: Costs, grants and installers

Retrofitting your home in Ireland is a great way to improve your energy efficiency, lower your bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. However, understanding the available grants, costs involved and choosing the right installers is crucial before you commit.

BER rating scale

How to boost your Building Energy Rating (BER)

Boosting your home’s energy rating can slash your energy bills, make your house warmer and even unlock cheaper mortgage deals. Here’s how to improve your BER and save money.


How to build a smart home

From choosing a smart system, to the best smart devices, smart hubs and costs, here’s how to build the perfect smart home in ireland.

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How to find the cheapest home heating oil

If you use oil to heat your home, here’s how to find the cheapest heating oil and save money.

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Kilowatt hours (kWh) explained

The Kilowatt-hour (kWh) is a unit used by energy suppliers to work out how much you pay for gas and electricity. Here’s all you need to know about kWhs and saving money on your energy bill.

Ireland cheapest heating costs

Best ways to heat your home on a budget

What’s the cheapest way to heat your home? Discover how much it costs to run a range of heating solutions and compare the best ways to stay warm this winter.

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What help can you get paying your energy bills?

If you struggle to pay the day to day costs of running your home, you could qualify for a helping hand with your energy bills. Here are some of the grants and allowances that could help cut the cost of your gas and electricity.

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How to claim the Fuel Allowance in Ireland

If you get a social welfare allowance and struggle to pay your winter energy bills, you could be eligible for extra help. Here’s how to claim the Fuel Allowance.

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Heat pump installation in Ireland

Learn about heat pump installation in Ireland from costs, grants and savings to choosing the best heat pumps for your home

Electricity dial meter with reading and 50 and 100 euro notes in front

How to read your gas & electricity meter

Gas and electricity meters track how much energy you use. Here’s how to read your meter and keep on top of your energy bills.