Tesco Mobile’s SIM-only deals

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With unlimited minutes, texts and data, this plan will work for anyone who doesn’t want to be restricted. You never have to worry about talking or texting too much - and you can stream music and video to your heart’s content.

This is a 30-day SIM-only bill pay contract, so you’re not tied down to a lengthy deal, either.

Tesco Mobile’s 30-day SIM deal

If you feel an unlimited plan is too much for you, you may want to opt for a cheaper deal with a set amount of minutes and texts.

This SIM-only plan offers customers 100 minutes and 100 texts, with 1GB of data all on a 30-day rolling bill-pay contract.

Why choose Tesco Mobile?

  • 97% coverage for 4G* data.*
  • Tesco Mobile has a range of SIM-only plans to suit every user.
  • Receive double Clubcard points when you pay your phone bill.
  • Tesco Mobile offers international calls from only 1 cent per minute.
  • Customers can easily manage their accounts online or through the MyTescoMobile app.

* Access to 4G data services are dependant on your device, 4G network coverage and plan type. For coverage details see www.tescomobile.ie/our-network.

Switcher.ie Mobile Awards winner

Switcher mobile awards winner 2020

At the 2020 Switcher.ie Mobile Awards, Tesco Mobile took home two awards for Best Mobile Operator for Data and Best Customer Service.

The Mobile Award winners were determined using a mix of in-depth consumer surveys, an expert judging panel, and customer ratings.

Tesco Mobile’s network coverage

Tesco Mobile is the biggest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Ireland. Being an MVNO means that rather than having its own network, it uses one that’s already established to provide its customers with network service.

Tesco Mobile runs off Three’s network (which merged with O2 in 2015). So, if you have good reception from Three, Tesco Mobile will work well for you, too.

Tesco Mobile FAQs

Can I keep my mobile number?

Yes, this is called ‘porting’ your number and is a huge benefit - it means you won’t have to communicate a new number to all your contacts. Your new provider can sort out moving your old number to your new network when you’re signing up.

Can I upgrade or change my Tesco Mobile SIM-only plan?

With a 30-day SIM-only plan, you have the freedom to upgrade or change your plan at any time, without worrying about exit fees or charges. With Tesco Mobile, you can also customise your plan at any stage with add-ons like extra texts or more data.

How long will it take for my SIM to arrive from Tesco Mobile?

If you order your SIM card before 1pm, Tesco Mobile will aim to have it delivered by courier the next working day.

When you place an order through Tesco Mobile online, you’ll get an Order Tracking number by email so that you can track your delivery.

What are the advantages of SIM-only deals?

SIM-only plans are cheaper than deals that include a phone. So, if you’ve paid off your phone - and are still happy with your handset - you’ll make a saving by switching to a SIM-only deal.

If you’re out of contract, you can also move to a SIM-only deal with your current provider, rather than rolling on your contract which includes the cost of your handset - although it’s worth noting that some networks will automatically move you to a plan-only price once your handset is paid off, so make sure to check with your provider.

SIM-only plans are also a good way to check how a new network performs without locking into a 2-year deal.

You could also decide to buy your phone outright, and then go for a SIM-only deal - it may work out cheaper than paying it back as part of your monthly mobile cost, but this will depend on your provider.

What do I need to switch to a Tesco Mobile SIM-only plan?

To switch to a Tesco Mobile SIM-only plan, you can sign up online.

Once you receive your SIM, you simply need to pop it into your phone, and then either register your number, or move your existing number to your new SIM by logging into My Tesco Mobile.

You may also need to contact your current mobile phone provider if you need to unlock your handset.

What is a SIM-only plan?

Basically, a SIM-only plan does exactly what it says on the tin - you’ll get a SIM card, with an allocation of data, texts and minutes, but the deal won’t include a phone. Because you’re not paying off the cost of a phone, SIM-only plans are generally cheaper, and so you will save money by going for one of these.