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Cheapest gas and electricity supplier

Many energy suppliers claim to have the most cost effective gas and electricity plans in Ireland, but who really has the best gas and electricity deals in the market?

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Compare electricity prices and cut your costs

Compare electricity prices with Ireland's top gas and electricity switching service.

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The average gas and electricity bill

If you're not sure what the average electricity and gas bill is in Ireland, Switcher has all of the information you need to know.

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Finding a cheap electricity supplier

Discover how to identify a cheap electricity supplier and get the best deal with our quick and easy comparison tool.

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Switching broadband providers

Learn all you need to know about switching broadband providers & the broadband switching process in our simple guide.

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Fibre-optic broadband explained

Learn more about the power and benefits of fibre-optic broadband.

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Broadband speed guide

Broadband speeds are really important, so what are the issues that can affect the quality of your broadband speed?

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What is a download allowance?

Find out what impact your download allowance can have on your broadband bills and internet use.

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Just how fast is your broadband?

Our test measures your broadband speed rapidly irrespective of whether you have a broadband, ADSL, cable,satellite, wireless and or 3G /4G service.

23rd March, 2017

Energia windfarm in Meenadreen - the largest in Ireland - is up and running

The 95MW windfarm has set a new Irish record.

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7th March, 2017

Living in Dublin? Energy-saving kits are now available from your local library!

If want to learn more about saving energy, these kits might be for you.

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1st March, 2017

CER says customers could save up to €499 by switching

The detail is contained in the CER's Retail Markets Report for July to September 2016.

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21st February, 2017

Switch your gas and electricity supplier and save up to €402 this year

Switching is quick and easy - and you could save hundreds of Euro!

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23rd March, 2017

Save €432 with eir's new broadband, TV and home phone deal - and get €100 cashback

This represents the biggest triple-play saving on the market

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22nd March, 2017

Virgin Media is rolling out lots of new features for customers this year

The new additions will start coming on-stream in the next few months

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22nd March, 2017

Virgin Media named fastest broadband provider in Ireland again

Virgin Media delivered average broadband speeds of 228 Mbps.

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20th March, 2017

New Virgin Media broadband and phone customers can now get Netflix FREE for 6 months

This amounts to a saving of €9.99 each month.

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