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Your money

A round up of all the latest energy, telecoms and money news to keep you informed and on top of your finances.

PTSB cuts its 4-year fixed rate by 0.4%

06/12/2023: PTSB is cutting its four-year fixed rate mortgages by 0.4%, for new customers.

The price drop will take effect from today, 6 Dec, bringing the rate to 4% for loan to value ratios below 60%, 4.1% for LTVs from 60%- 80%, and 4.35% for LTVs above 80%.

While 4-year fixed rates are dropping, the bank also announced an increase to its standard, variable rate mortgages by 0.4%, to 4.7%. This will kick in on 17 January 2024.

Yuno Energy cuts discounted fixed rate by 5%

27/11/2023: Yuno Energy have reduced their discounted fixed rate by 5%. Customers can now secure a fixed rate of 31.55c per kWh, compared to Yuno’s current discounted fixed rate of 33.35c per kWh.

A typical household on the new plan would spend €1,589 per year on their electricity. It is the cheapest rate currently on the market.

Bank of Ireland hikes mortgages rates by 0.25%

27/10/2023: Bank of Ireland has increased its variable rate mortgages by 0.25%.

The change will apply to new mortgage customers from today, and from December 8th for existing customers on a variable rate.

The ECB announced yesterday it was pausing its series of rate hikes. So far, it’s pushed up interest rates by a total of 4.5% since 2022.

CRU announces moratorium on energy disconnections this winter

29/09/2023: The energy regulator has announced a temporary ban on gas and electricity disconnections for all customers this winter.

The moratorium will be extended from December 1st this year until January 31st, 2024. Vulnerable customers will be protected for longer, from October 1st to March 31st, 2024.

Other CRU protections this winter include extended repayment periods, reduced debt burden on Pay-as-you-go, better value on financial hardship meters and greater promotion of the vulnerable customer register.

Bord Gáis Energy cuts unit rates and standing charges

20/09/2023: Bord Gáis Energy is the latest big supplier to cut its prices.

Energy prices for gas and electricity customers will drop by 15.5% from November 9th, while standing charges on both fuels will also be reduced by 15.5%.

This means a typical dual-fuel customer will save up to €631 per year on their bill.

Flogas drop gas and electricity rates by 30%

15/09/2023: Flogas have announced a 30% reduction to their electricity and gas rates, as well as a drop to their standing charges.

Dual fuel customers will see an annual decrease of €1,673 on the average, standard rate bill, electricity customers will see a reduction of €895, while gas customers will save €778.

The changes will take effect from November 6th.

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