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Your money

A round up of all the latest energy, telecoms and money news to keep you informed and on top of your finances.

eir announces 7.6% annual price rise from 1 April

21/02/2024: eir has confirmed prices will increase across broadband, TV and phone services from 1 April 2024. The price hike of 7.6% is calculated on the CPI published in January plus 3%.

The annual price increase is based on standard monthly prices (before discounts), and the actual increase will depend on the services you have. Customers who joined eir before 1 March 2024 and existing customers will receive an annual increase on their monthly price plan (excluding any discounts) from April 2024.

The price hike follows Sky’s announcement that it’s increasing prices on some broadband plans by an average of 4.1%.

1 in 5 households in arrears on gas bills

20/02/2024: New figures from the CRU show that 1 in 5 are in arrears on their gas bills, while 1 in 10 are behind on electricity payments.

Though there’s been a slight drop in electricity and gas arrears in Dec 2023 vs Sept 2023, 244,000 (11%) of households are still behind on electricity payments while 153,000 (22%) are behind on their gas bills.

In December, households received a €150 electricity credit, which may have helped reduce the number of missed payments. The higher proportion of those in gas arrears could be due to the lack of a gas credit.

Yuno Energy to cut rates for third time since launch

19/02/2024: Yuno Energy has announced a price cut for the third time since August and is now offering the cheapest electricity unit rate on the market.

Yuno Energy has reduced its unit rate for new customers by 4.6%, making the new unit rate 26.13 cents per kWh. The price is fixed for 12 months and will not change regardless of what happens in wholesale markets.

From 19 February the total annual cost for a typical customer will be €1,362 per year, which is almost €500 cheaper than the average standard rates from other suppliers.

The supplier is also decreasing its standard rate by 8.5% from 1 April, making it the cheapest standard rate tariff in the market.

Average interest rates drop by 0.06% in December

15/02/2024: Average mortgage interest rates dropped for the third month in a row last December.

New figures show the average rate for a new mortgage in December was 4.19%, a drop of 0.06% from the previous month.

The Central Bank said this meant Ireland had the 10th lowest rates in the Eurozone, but Interest rates here were still up 1.5% since last year.

Flogas latest supplier to slash energy prices by up to 25%

07/02/2024: Flogas is the latest energy supplier to cut its gas and electricity rates, following cuts by Energia, Bord Gáis Energy and Electric Ireland.

Flogas will drop gas rates by 25%, an annual saving €429 for the typical gas customer. Electricity rates will decrease 15%, saving the typical electricity customer €274 per year.

Flogas is also decreasing its standing charge for gas by 10%. The changes will come into affect on March 25th.

Finance Ireland reduces fixed rate mortgages by 0.45%

31/01/2024: Finance Ireland is reducing its fixed rate mortgages by 0.45%.

It’s the first time the lender has cut rates since July 2022, signalling the end of spiralling interest rates.

The lower rates will be available for those who drawdown their mortgage on or after 22nd of February.

Finance Ireland have also introduced new, 7-year fixed rate mortgages to their 3 and 5-year fixed rate offerings.

Bord Gáis Energy drops electricity and gas prices

16/01/2024: Bord Gáis Energy will cut its electricity and gas rates.

The rates will reduce by by 10% and 9.5%, respectively, with an 8% decrease in standing charges.

Electricity customers will save €190 a year, gas customers will save €141 over a year, with dual-fuel customers saving almost €1,000 a year on their bills.

The price reductions will come into affect on February 29th.

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