Switcher is Guaranteed Irish

Switcher’s investment, employment and free impartial price comparison and switching service acknowledged by the Guaranteed Irish mark.

Switcher.ie is an Irish company which is owned by Switcher Limited, a privately funded internet-based business focused on consumer engagement and innovation. Switcher.ie was set-up in Dublin in 2011 to help households save money on their essential household bills.

At Switcher.ie we’re working to be the best in the market, and we’re supporting and creating jobs in Ireland, with industry experts and staff based at our office in Dublin 2.

We love what we do, so whatever we write, design, or build, we want it to be the best it can be. From picking a font for our site (Museo Sans Rounded in case you’re wondering), to reducing page load time, or maintaining a consistent tone of voice, we want it to be right.

Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed Irish has been supporting and promoting Irish products and services for over three decades, and the Guaranteed Irish mark is one of Ireland’s most trusted and recognised symbols. We’re very proud to be Irish, and to be a member of Guaranteed Irish.