How to choose the best van insurance in Ireland

If you rely on a van for work, the right van insurance can protect you in an accident and get you back on the road faster. Compare commercial van quotes to find the best deal for less.

Who needs commercial van insurance?

It’s a legal requirement to have commercial van insurance if you use a van or light commercial vehicle for business use. This includes tradespeople such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers and builders, and farmers.

If you just use a van for personal use or to commute to and from work then you’ll need a private van insurance policy.

What vehicles are covered?

The following types of vehicles are usually covered under van insurance if used for commercial purposes:

The maximum vehicle weight covered under this type of policy is usually 3.5 tonnes. Heavier vehicles may need a different type of commercial or business insurance.

There should be no fixed seats in the back of the vehicle, except in crew cabs.

What types of cover can you get?

Just like with car insurance, there are three main levels of cover:

  1. Third party: This pays for repairs to other people’s vehicles or property you’ve damaged in an accident.
  2. Third party, fire and theft: This pays for the above, plus damage to your own vehicle caused by fire or attempted theft, and actual theft of your van.
  3. Fully comprehensive: This covers all of the above, plus damage to your own vehicle caused by an accident and any injuries you suffer as a result, even if it was your fault.

Although a comprehensive policy offers much more protection, it can sometimes be cheaper, so always shop around. Here’s more about the types of insurance you can get.

What does van insurance cover?

As well as protecting you financially from accidental damage, fire, and theft to your van (under a comprehensive policy), you’re covered for other things too.

Each insurer has a list of things included as standard and another list of add-ons that you’ll pay extra for.

What’s covered as standard?

If you opt for fully comprehensive insurance, you’ll likely get more benefits included as standard.

It pays to shop around and compare quotes to find the benefits you need at the best price.

What usually costs extra?

What affects the cost?

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of your policy, here are some of the main ones:

Who offers commercial van insurance in Ireland?

These are the main insurers you can buy van insurance from and they’re all regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland:

There are also a number of brokers offering van insurance that could help you compare multiple quotes.

How to get van insurance quotes

You can go direct to an insurance provider or use a broker who can get you quotes from a panel of insurers.

You’ll need to complete an online quote form or give information over the phone about:

If any of your details change, you must inform your insurer immediately, or your insurance may be invalidated in a claim.

How to find the cheapest van insurance

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Van insurance FAQs

Are my tools covered on my van insurance policy?

Not usually, no. A broker may be able to help you find an insurance provider that offers some cover, or you could buy a separate goods in transit policy.

This could protect your tools against loss, damage and theft while being transported from one place to another.

Can I insure more than one van?

Yes, but if you have more than one van to cover, you may need commercial or fleet insurance. The good news is, you usually get a discount for insuring multiple vehicles.

Fleet insurance usually covers five or more vehicles, but some insurers offer it on two or more vehicles.

The cover that’s included with fleet insurance may differ to what’s covered with a van insurance policy, so check the policy wording document.

Can I transfer my no claims bonus discount from my car to my van?

Yes, you can transfer it, but you can only use your no claims bonus on one vehicle.

Do I need van insurance?

Yes, it’s a legal requirement to have insurance if you drive a van, in the same way that you need car insurance to drive a car.

Van insurance usually covers vans weighing up to 3.5 tonnes so check the weight of your vehicle to make sure you buy the right insurance for it.

Should I insure my van in my name or my business’ name?

It depends on what’s shown on the Vehicle Licencing Certificate (VLC) or logbook. This confirms whether the van is registered in your name or to your business.

The logbook should match the name on the van insurance policy.

What is open drive?

Open drive covers other drivers to use your van who have a full driving licence and meets any other terms shown in the policy wording booklet.

This may include being a certain age and having a clean driving licence.

It can provide lots of flexibility if you have a big team of workers, however, you’ll pay more for this benefit.