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Your complete guide to broadband in Ireland

Whether you want super fast internet speeds, cheaper prices or a terrific new TV bundle - our complete guide to broadband has everything you need, including the best broadband deals from Ireland’s top providers.

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Broadband speeds in Ireland are constantly improving with more deals, bundles and ways to connect than ever before.

For gamers and streamers, fibre broadband is a fast, flexible option with speeds of up to 1Gbps. If you’re in a more rural location, 4G or 5G mobile broadband could be an option, as well as a satellite or fixed wireless connection.

Providers always keep the best discounts for new customers, so it pays to switch when your contract is up. It could also mean less lag time, better customer service and exclusive offers. The cheapest deal may not always be the best value though, so make sure to check contract length, connection speeds and price after discounts.

If you watch TV, you can save by bundling your TV and internet together, and many packages now include streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Eoin Clarke

Eoin Clarke

Latest Update

Broadband roundup

Vodafone customers to access Virgin’s full fibre network

27 October 2022: Virgin Media and Vodafone have agreed a wholesale network access deal which will give Vodafone customers access to Virgin’s expanding full fibre network.

Virgin Media is in the process of a three year, €200 million plan to upgrade its network to full fibre, which will offer speeds of up to 10Gbps.

The company has already upgraded over 150,000 premises to fibre across the Virgin network.

Netflix regains streaming service top spot

18 October 2022: Netflix subscriber numbers have jumped to 223 million - allowing them to reclaim the title of world’s largest video streaming service. The company had lost 1.2 million customers in the first half of the year but regained 2.4 million during the summer, pushing them ahead of Disney+ and Hulu once again.

Over 20,000 connected to NBI’s high-speed broadband

14 October 2022: National Broadband Ireland has connected more than 20,000 subscribers to high-speed broadband. The company responsible for delivering the National Broadband Plan on behalf of the Irish Government said they hope to give 100,000 customers access to high speed broadband by the end of 2023.

Vodafone Ireland launches Gigahome

7 October 2022: Vodafone Ireland has launched Gigahome - a new product for super boosted, secure wifi connectivity. It combines their three broadband innovations - Always Connected, Super Wi-fi and Secure Net - meaning an uninterrupted connection that has coverage in every corner of the home, as well as digital protection and parental controls.

Broadband Speed Test

Just how fast is your broadband?

Measure internet speeds on all your devices. Check how fast your home, office or mobile broadband is with our quick speed test.

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Transform your home with Vodafone Gigabit Broadband

With speeds up to 1000Mbps, Vodafone fibre broadband lets you download in seconds and stream instantly.

How to

With so many things to think about, finding the right broadband can be difficult. Here’s a no fuss ‘How to’ on four main areas: availability, speed, broadband connection and switching providers.

Find the best broadband in your area

To find the best broadband deal, you can check the broadband availability in your area with our broadband checker. If you want to know when fibre broadband might be coming to your area, you can use the online map on , eir or Siro.

Use a broadband speed test

Every broadband connection has two speed types. Download speed, to measure things like the streaming speed of music and videos, and upload speed, to measure how fast you can upload data, like sending emails.

  • You can test your broadband speed using our broadband speed test.
  • Running the test a few times, at different points in the day, will give you a more accurate idea of your speed.
  • You should also exit all programs, cancel downloads and turn off devices and appliances.

If you regularly stream movies you may want a minimum download speed of 50Mbps. .

Get broadband with no landline

Some broadband connections require a phone line, but many providers offer packages that use a phone cable but don’t charge you for a call plan.

There are alternatives if you can’t have a phone line, such as full fibre, mobile, or satellite.

Switch broadband providers

Before switching providers, you should check there are no cancellation fees with your current contract. Consider what kind of plan you need, as well as what’s available in your area.

To easily switch and save:

  1. Compare and choose the best broadband deal on
  2. Read the Plan Info to check all the details.
  3. Complete the online form.
  4. Receive a call from your new provider; give some more details.
  5. Give your current provider cancellation notice.
  6. Agree a date for switching with your new provider.
  7. Cancel any direct debits with your old provider.

Broadband Deals

Fibre Broadband

eir, Virgin Media and Vodafone offer full fibre broadband which gives speeds of up to 1Gbps.

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Cheapest Broadband

Weigh up low prices with all features of the broadband plan. See if it matches your expectations for speed, contract type and service too.

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Mobile Broadband

eir, Imagine, Three and Vodafone offer mobile broadband. 5G broadband can reach speeds of 1Gbps.

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TV and Broadband

If you’re already paying separately for TV, consider a TV and internet bundle. Some plans now include add ons like Amazon Prime.

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