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How to switch broadband providers

Switching your broadband is quick and easy and could save you a bundle. Here’s a look at the best offers in Ireland and everything you need to know about switching to a better broadband deal.

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Broadband speeds in Ireland

A fast, reliable broadband connection is vital for a quality, hassle-free broadband service. Here’s all of the information you need on broadband speeds in Ireland.

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Broadband connection types

The broadband connection types available where you live will affect the speeds you can get. Find out about what’s available in your area and what it means for your online experience.

5G broadband

5G broadband in Ireland

The rollout of 5G broadband could bring about lightning-fast speeds and rock-solid connections for homes and businesses across Ireland. Here’s all you need to know about 5G broadband, who offers it and when it will be available near you.

Just how fast is your broadband?

Our test measures your connection speed rapidly irrespective of whether you have an ADSL, Fibre, 4G or 5G service.

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With speeds up to 1000Mbps, Vodafone fibre broadband lets you download in seconds and stream instantly.

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The Switcher.ie Awards - now in its eight year - is an annual event, designed to reward excellence in the telecoms industry.

The broadband awards are judged using a mix of in-depth consumer surveys and an expert judging panel.

The aim of the awards is to help consumers make better-informed buying decisions, by giving them independent feedback on things like the value and customer service available from providers.

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Most popular comparison options

What providers do we compare?

We compare deals from Ireland’s biggest broadband providers.

How do I compare broadband deals?

Select your county and town to see the deals available in your area.

You can see the main features and monthly cost of each plan and click on the View Details button for more information. Here are some things to consider when you’re comparing deals:

  • Price: If there’s a discount period, check the monthly cost when it ends and always look at the full first year cost.
  • Speed: You’ll want to try and improve on the speed you’re currently getting so if you’re not sure what that is, do a quick broadband speed test to find out.
  • Download allowance: The higher the number of GB the more you can download per month.
  • Contract Length: Most broadband contracts are for 12 or 18 months. There are some shorter term options however these may work out at a higher cost per month.

How do I find the best broadband deals in Ireland?

It’s all about finding the right deal for you and your household. When you’re comparing deals, the main things to consider are:

  • Type of connection: Ireland has ADSL, fibre, cable, satellite and mobile broadband and we can show you which are available in your area.
  • Speed: The faster your broadband connection, the better your online experience should be, but the main thing is that it’s fast enough for your needs.
  • Usage: The more people that need to be connected, the higher your usage is likely to be. Some plans have data limits while others are unlimited, so there’s no restrictions on how much data you use.
  • Bundling: Most Irish providers offer broadband, TV and phone deals while Virgin and eir also offer mobile phones. It’s nearly always cheaper and easier to bundle in one package and have just one monthly bill to pay.

If you’re still not sure what’s right for you, our broadband guides can help you get started.

How do I find the cheapest deals?

Check our comparison for the cheapest broadband deals in your area.

Why should I switch?

You’ll usually find a better deal by switching which could mean:

  • Cheaper packages
  • Faster download speeds
  • Larger download limits
  • Better customer service

How do I switch?

We make switching easy and risk free, simply:

  • Select the deal you want
  • Fill in a few details online

A customer service representative will call you to complete your order.

You’ll need to check that your current contract has ended and serve any notice, to avoid paying exit fees.

Why switch your broadband with Switcher.ie?

Switcher.ie is a free, impartial and independent price comparison service for broadband, TV, home phone, and mobile deals in Ireland.

We’ve been reviewed by 1055 customers, giving us a rating of 4.74, showing that our Irish customers are getting the best value broadband, TV and home phone bundles.

What our customers say
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"Very easy to switch as the provider who I wanted to switch to phone me at a time that suited me and my broadband was set up with no hassle ."

Raymond, 13th March, 2020

The customer service are great. When I contacted switcher regarding to a boardband plan, the original company did not support my area. And Switcher contact me straight away to advise me another company that does cover my area.

Hiu, 11th March, 2020

Good place to educate yourself about the pros and cons of changing suppliers of services. I had been just continuing for years with a poor broadband server hoping they would return my speeds to what they once were. But then the speeds dropped below what would be considered acceptable and provoked me into action. I should have switched much earlier.

John, 11th March, 2020