Imagine offer a number of broadband packages and deals, while also including international and local calls.

Company history

Since forming in 1993, Imagine has become a major player in the Irish telecoms market, providing low cost broadband and home phone services at truly competitive rates.

Included in the Imagine Group are Imagine Broadband, Gaelic Telecom, Irish Broadband and Coolwave, with networks stretching across the globe.

The company serves both residential and business needs and is in a position to offer all of the latest technology to its customers.

Customer service

A walk through set-up guide and lots of other helpful advice can be found on the Imagine website, while there is also answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Alternatively, help is available from the customer service centre which is just a phone call away, and able to assist with any issues that customers may have.

Technical support specialists are also available, while a callback can be arranged via email as an alternative means of communication. Either way, help is never too far away.


Imagine provides both wireless and ADSL broadband services to suit any needs.

Set-up of the equipment is straightforward while any issues can be tackled by looking online or by contacting the customer service team.