No over a decade in the Irish market, Magnet provides phone and broadband services in a multitude of formats across the country.

It runs its own network meaning customers get a dedicated line that is not shared with other networks while its fibre-optic and copper cables run to many corners of Ireland.

As a result Magnet broadband is speedy and efficient while additional television services are also on offer.

These come in the form of various add-ons in a bid to ensure that customers can tailor their packages to exactly how they want them.

The extensive network available means Magnet can serve thousands of customers across the country with top level services, every second of every day.

Company history

From its origins in 2004, Magnet has invested over €120 million into creating a network across Ireland and has spread their services rapidly from there.

Magnet is owned by Columbia Ventures Corporation who own the only transatlantic fibre-optic cable between Ireland the America and who are constantly searching for innovative ways of improving the market.

Based in its headquarters in Dublin, Magnet seeks to provide top level broadband packages and phone deals for the benefits of customers across the country.

One of the first providers to offer fibre-optic broadband in Ireland, Magnet have become Ireland’s first no-contract broadband provider, giving customers even more freedom and flexibility with their broadband.

Customer service

A dedicated and vastly experienced customer care team is available to deal with any queries and issues as quickly as possible.

With an extensive frequently asked questions section available online, the customer call centre is also available to solve more complex needs.

The company aims to solve any broadband, phone or TV issues in a manner that is easily understood and offers the minimum disruption to any services.

Magnet sees its customer service as a vital aspect of the company and is keen to ensure that customers receive the very best care when they need it most.

Whether a connection is down or the services are not quite up to standard, someone will be more than happy to deal with the query as best they can.


Magnet offers a wide range of broadband and phone services with some packages featuring additional Aer TV services.

Simple packages offering broadband only services are available, with Magnet Fatpipe Fibre 24 and Magnet Fatpipe Fibre 100 packages, offering speeds of up to 24Mbps and 100Mbps respectively.

Each package comes with totally unlimited downloads while the call and Aer TV options vary depending on the chosen contracts.

Aer TV offers 34 channels available anywhere on a phone, tablet, or TV meaning customers are never too far away from their favourite shows.

With Magnet, there are fibre broadband packages and deals to meet every need and every budget to ensure that customers get the very best services that are available to them.