With competition heating up in the broadband and digital TV market, internet service providers are recognising the need to offer greater value broadband and TV packages. If you want to have all your home telecom services provided by a single service provider, then a broadband and digital TV bundle allows you to do just that.

When broadband is bundled with digital TV and a home phone, this can result is fewer bills to pay, and is often the cheaper option than paying separately for each service. By choosing a broadband and digital TV package that also comes with a home phone option, you could potentially save hundreds of euros per year.

Key factors to consider regarding broadband and digital TV packages

  • Quality of broadband service regarding speed and download allowance
  • How many channels are available
  • The cost of installation (if applicable)
  • The cost of a set top box (if applicable)
  • How long the contract is
  • Any additional landline costs

Broadband and digital TV in Ireland

The two most common forms of digital television in Ireland are, paid for digital TV and free digital TV. Currently Sky, UPC and eircom are the main providers of paid for digital TV in the country.

Free digital TV has become relatively popular in Ireland in recent years but it does lack many of the core benefits that paid television services can offer such as:

  • On demand TV
  • Extensive selection of HD channels
  • Wider range of quality entertainment channels to choose from
  • Greater range of interactive facilities such as pause rewind and record digital TV capability
  • 3D TV
  • Multi-device viewing (smartphone, tablet, gaming and other devices)
  • Option to bundle broadband and home phone

Combining broadband and digital TV is easy to do when you are paying for your digital TV subscription.

Broadband and digital TV in Ireland

UPC provide a wide range of broadband and digital TV bundles with the option of adding home phone as well.

In order to avail of a UPC broadband and digital TV package you will need to live in an area which is supported by UPC’s cable fibre power broadband network. This is available in most large towns and cities in Ireland and UPC is constantly upgrading and improving the availability of their network across the country.

One of UPC’s biggest attractions is the strength of its fibre power broadband service. With UPC, you can combine your digital TV with broadband that allow for speeds of up to 60Mb, 120Mb and even 200Mb, giving you super-fast broadband capability.

UPC broadband is also available with unlimited download capacity, which gives internet users the freedom and flexibility to download without restriction or slow down during peak times. A free wireless broadband modem comes with each digital tv and broadband bundle for new UPC broadband customers.

UPC digital TV, broadband and home phone highlights:

With UPC you have the option to bundle digital TV and a broadband package, or a digital TV, broadband and a home phone package.

  • Super- fast fibre optic broadband, 60Mb, 120Mb or 200Mb
  • Unlimited download allowance
  • Free wireless modem
  • Over 110 channels
  • UPC On Demand (TV player, TV series, Kids Stuff, and Movies available to rent)
  • Remote record your favourite TV programmes and films
  • Massive amount of Free minutes to Irish mobiles, landlines and selected international fixed line destinations

Sky broadband and digital TV packages

Sky also has broadband and digital TV offerings. Sky broadband comes in two options for Sky broadband and TV bundles, namely Broadband Lite and Broadband Unlimited.

The Sky Broadband Lite package is designed for light internet users who might only want to check their emails and visit the occasional website. This package comes with 2GB of data included.

The Sky Broadband Unlimited package is designed for heavier internet users who want to access more data heavy content on the internet. This package, as the name implies, has unlimited amounts of data included.

Sky's broadband packages rely on ADSL broadband connection and can provide speeds up to 24Mb.

Sky digital TV offers more than 100 digital entertainment channels, with the option to build a TV package tailored to your own viewing preferences. Dedicated sports focused TV deals and movies packages are available to add to your broadband and digital TV bundle.

Sky TV is received via satellite and requires the user to have a digital set-top box. Sky TV deals come with 3 different set-top boxes to choose from.

Sky+ Box

  • Record and store without tapes, discs or timers.
  • Record whole series at the touch of a button.
  • Pause, rewind and replay live TV
  • Set-up recordings when you are out using the Sky+ app on your mobile phone.
  • Connect your Sky+ box to any broadband router to enjoy TV on demand

Sky+HD box

  • Sharper images, incredibly vibrant colours and superb quality digital sound.
  • 62+ HD channels available with the HD pack.
  • Pause and rewind live TV.
  • Record whole series at the touch of a button.
  • Double the storage capacity of a standard Sky+ box.
  • Connect your Sky+ box to any broadband router to enjoy TV on demand.

Sky+ HD 2 TB

  • Six times more personal storage than a Sky+ HD box.
  • 1.5TB of space to record Sky TV.
  • 500GB of space for a selection of on demand TV.
  • Pause and rewind live TV.
  • 62+ HD channels available with the HD pack.
  • Connect your Sky+ HD 2TB box to any broadband router to enjoy TV on demand.

Each Sky broadband and digital TV package will come bundled with either Sky Talk Freetime or Sky Talk Anytime.

eircom broadband and digital TV packages

The newest broadband and digital TV provider in the Irish market is eircom. They offer fibre powered broadband up to 100Mb, home phone and digital TV packages.

To avail of an eircom’s eVision digital TV package you will need to be in an eFibre enabled area. This is available in many of the larger towns and cities nationwide, but eircom is always upgrading their networks, so more and more people across Ireland will be able to avail of their eFibre services.

eVision offers over 50 channels as part of the eVision Essential Pack, with the option of adding 19 extra channels as part of the eVision Experience Pack for a slightly higher price. There are many other extras available such as sports and movies packs, multiroom viewing along with the option of adding a HD add on to experience the channels in full HD.

Looking for broadband and home phone only?

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