Revolut credit cards

Apply for a Revolut credit card in-app for super fast approval times, interest-free spending and exclusive cashback rewards.

Why choose a Revolut credit card?

The Revolut credit card is a fast, simple way to access extra money when you need it. Apply for your card, control your spending and schedule repayments all within the Revolut app.

Other perks include:

  • Exclusive cashback: Get up to 1% cashback rewards on purchases for the first three months up to €3,000, and an unlimited 0.1% cashback after that. Ts&Cs apply.
  • Metal benefits: Customers signed up to Revolut’s premium, fee-based, Metal card plan get an extra 0.10% cashback and 1% cashback on purchases outside of the EU.
  • Interest free spending: Enjoy 0% interest on whatever you buy for the first three months, as long as you pay the minimum due.
  • Instant access: Access your virtual card in-app, so you can start spending instantly.
  • Flexible credit limits: Stretch to a €10,000 credit limit for any unexpected, big ticket spends.
  • A card you control: Set spending limits, schedule automatic repayments, view your balance, all from the comfort of your app.

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Revolut credit card

This card offers perks including three months interest free spending.

  • interest free spending
  • flexible credit limits
  • rewards*

You can find out more about the card’s benefits on the Revolut website.

*Reward amounts may vary and are subject to availability.

Credit Card
Credit Card
0% for 3 months
Balance Transfers
0% for 3 months
Typical APR
1% Cashback i
Get 1% back on all purchases for the first three months when you spend up to €3,000.

How to apply for a Revolut credit card

To apply for a credit card:

  1. Simply download the Revolut app, go to the credit tab and select the ‘credit card’ option
  2. Once you follow the steps required and input your details, you can receive approval within minutes
  3. If you don’t see an option to apply, the feature may not be available to you yet

How long does it take?

Applying for a Revolut credit card should only take a few minutes, including getting approval. Once your application is approved, you should get your card in the post within 5-10 working days.

You can start using your credit card once you’re granted a credit limit. Access your virtual card in the app while you’re waiting for your physical card to arrive.

Do Revolut charge credit card fees?

There are no set up or ongoing monthly fees for a Revolut credit card*, but you may be charged for:

  • Card delivery
  • Any charges related to late payments
  • Withdrawing cash over a certain amount

Bear in mind you’ll also need to pay the yearly government stamp duty of €30.00. Visit the Revolut fees section for more information on fees.

*Fees and limits might apply depending on plan type, weekend vs weekday, capped amount (e.g. withdrawals), potential fees charged by partner banks etc. Reference the product’s T&Cs for more details.

Will it be separate to my regular Revolut account?

Your credit card account will be a separate account to your regular Revolut card and payment account.

You can still use your other Revolut cards when you order a credit card, but you can only use them to spend money in your regular payment account.

Is Revolut a bank?

In Ireland, Revolut is recognised as an online bank that allows you transfer, spend and withdraw money easily via its mobile app.

After opening an Irish branch of their EU bank, they are now also offering Irish IBANs.

Other financial products include:

  • Loans: Revolut offers personal loans directly through its app. Check the ‘loans’ tabs on your app to see if you can apply, and if not you can join the waiting list.
  • Cryptocurrency: The Revolut app allows you to buy, sell and withdraw cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
  • Current accounts: You can opt to use your Revolut account as a current account, receive your salary and use it for everyday banking.

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Revolut credit card FAQS

What’s the difference between a revolut debit card and a revolut credit card?

Revolut’s prepaid debit card is a card you can top up with pre-owned money via your bank account, or with another debit card.

The Revolut credit card allows you borrow money with interest up to a certain limit, and pay it back within a particular time-frame. You will have a separate account for each card.

What other cards do Revolut offer?

As well as a credit card, Revolut offers a range of prepaid debit cards, which you can top up via your bank account or with another debit card.

You can split bills, earn rewards, and track your money with smart budgeting.

Features include:

  • Free withdrawals up to a certain amount
  • Google and Apple Pay
  • Finance tracking and vaults to help you save
  • Fee-free currency exchange
  • Purchase protection

Standard debit cards are free, but you can pay more to get premium cards with more benefits like higher withdrawals, cash back on purchases and unlimited foreign exchange.*

Reward amounts may vary and are subject to availability. Within plan limits. Third party providers may change withdrawal fee. Weekend fees may apply.In annual interest paid daily. Fees and limits might apply depending on plan type, weekend vs weekday, capped amount (e.g. withdrawals), potential fees charged by partner banks etc. Check the product’s Ts&Cs for details.

Can I get a Revolut credit card with bad credit?

Each credit card application will be assessed individually by Revolut, with things like your credit score, previous debt and ability to repay taken into account. If you’re worried about a low credit score, you can read more about it here, including how to improve it.

Typical Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on purchases of €1,500 and a credit limit of €1,500 plus annual Government Stamp Duty of €30. Data valid as of 24/05/2024