Broadband only packages include products that offer users an internet connection without additional services like TV or a home phone. Many internet users may find they don't require these additional services, therefore having to pay for them seems unnecessary for their needs.

With the broadband only packages available internet users pay only for what they need, hence the term; broadband only.

Advantages of broadband only packages

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a broadband only package is its pricing. Because one is only required to pay for broadband only, additional expenses that are often part of packages offered by various other broadband suppliers are excluded.

However, broadband deals can also include a home telephone if the user requires one. These packages are most commonly sought by internet users, as most homes and offices do make use of telephones and fax lines. There are a number of packages available to consumers, and in most cases they offer exactly what the consumer needs.

Broadband only deals in Ireland

While many broadband providers go the extra mile to include a number of services in a single bundle or package, these extras are not always required by internet users. The main providers currently offering broadband only deals include Virgin Media, Sky, eir, Vodafone, Magnet, Digiweb and Q sat. Here we'll talk you through what each one offers to help you find the right broadband only deal for your needs.

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Vodafone broadband only deals

Vodafone is well known in Ireland for offering mobile phone and mobile broadband deals, but they also provide some excellent home broadband only options with connection speeds up to 100Mb on offer.

Vodafone provide a free connection with all their broadband only packages. Vodafone’s Simply Broadband package is a broadband only package that offers up to 100Mb and comes with an unlimited data usage allowance - perfect for heavy internet users.

Pure Telecom broadband only deals

For Pure Telecom customers who don't need or want a landline, Purely Telecom offers speeds up to 100Mb and an unlimited download allowance.

This service also includes a free modem and connection.

Virgin Media broadband only deals

Renowned for the strength of their cutting edge fibre power broadband network, Virgin Media's basic broadband only package represents great value for money. Virgin Media customers can get speeds up to 360Mb and unlimited download allowance and a free wireless router is also available with this package for new customers.

For broadband users looking for higher speeds, Virgin Media provide the perfect platform with up to 360Mb broadband speeds available with its fastest packages.

Magnet broadband only deals

Magnet Networks is an Irish provider, well known for offering broadband and home phone deals but also for a quality broadband only package.

Magnet's “Fatpipe Fibre 24” broadband package is the companies standard broadband only product. Providing speeds up to 24Mb, no line rental fee and Ireland's only no contract broadband, makes this deal a great choice for customers who want to get up and running with minimal fuss.

With Magnet customers can enjoy "no sharing broadband" which means that they do not have to share a broadband line with other users - a situation that might otherwise commonly slow down broadband speeds at peak times.

Digiweb broadband only deals

Digiweb is another well known Irish supplier offering a wide range of broadband only options.

With Digiweb you can choose from four different types of broadband only connections. These types include wireless broadband, ADSL broadband, fibre-optic and satellite broadband deals.

Their main broadband only packages include their metro broadband (wireless broadband service), as well as their top of the range satellite broadband package.

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