When you're looking at choosing a broadband connection, you look for a great deal and an easy switch. Leading internet service providers (ISP's) encourage this, by offering all encompassing packages, which combine a great broadband service as well as a home telephone line service. By purchasing a package, instead of individual components, you can often secure a deal which offers you better value.

Some providers in Ireland allow you to incorporate extra services, such as pay TV, as part of your broadband and phone package. These types of bundles often offer a very compelling and attractive all in one package. With these special types of bundles it’s not only possible to consolidate 3 separate bills into one bill, you will also benefit from other incentives, such as free calls and other added bonuses.

Broadband internet and phone packages & providers

Most home phone lines in Ireland are owned currently by eir. As a result, other ISPs have to pay eir to use their network and provide you with broadband and phone services. Different ISPs deal with this in different ways, some will absorb the costs into your monthly bills and make it clear to you where this cost is. In the odd instance others will require you to separately pay eir for the line rental. This option, will obviously raise your monthly cost. While others will create an offer for you, which supplies your line rental for free. It’s important to ensure you are fully aware of line rental, before you commit to any offer. Otherwise the line rental could increase your monthly outgoings and create a separate bill for you to deal with each month.

Main features to consider when selecting a phone with a broadband package:

  • How much will the phone line rental cost you?
  • Do you get a set number of free minutes every month?
  • When can you use the free calls? Is it just at weekends?
  • Can you use all your minutes in one call? Or do you only get the first hour free?
  • Can you get discounts on your calls to mobile phones?
  • Are there discounts on international phone calls?

Some ISPs have created low cost broadband & phone packages. In Ireland major providers such as Virgin Media, Sky, eir, Vodafone, Magnet, Digiweb and Pure Telecom among others, all provide a range of reliable broadband & phone bundles. With the market intensifying in recent years, most providers are focused on offering consumers great value broadband and phone deals with competitive broadband speeds, high monthly usage limits and a relatively low monthly price.

If you're a high-volume user, then you're searching for a package which will allow you unlimited internet usage and phone calls. Some providers now offer an unlimited package which ensures that you won't receive a shock in your monthly statement.

Broadband and free calls options

Most broadband & phone bundles come in two forms, either with free off-peak minutes or free anytime minutes included. Packages with free off-peak minutes will allow you to make calls after peak times, normally the evenings and weekends. Off-peak call bundles are usually the cheaper option and are subject to fair usage policies.

Packages that come with free anytime calls are a great choice for users who spend a lot of time on the phone. With this option you can make free calls anytime, day or night and at the weekend too, again subject to fair usage policies.

Free off-peak and anytime calls packages are becoming more common in the Irish market. They represent great value and can help safeguard against high phone bills as they remove the evening and weekends restrictions, which were prevalent in early packages.

Phone, broadband and TV options:

If you are looking for the complete package, then you have three options: Virgin Media, eir and Sky. They offer high speed broadband, free phone call options and a TV package, all in one solution. This addition to the standard broadband & phone packages, can help to reduce the cost of your monthly bills.

The TV packages are a main selling point for Virgin Media and Sky. However, whilst they can be purchased as a stand alone, the complete home entertainment package offers some great added value deals.

If you opt for broadband, phone and digital TV with Virgin Media you will need to be located in a location that is served by their fibre optic broadband network. All Virgin Media broadband packages operate using fibre optic broadband, which is very similar to cable broadband technology.

If you choose Sky as your provider for broadband, phone and digital TV you will need an active eir telephone line to operate the broadband & phone components of the package. Sky uses ADSL broadband and fibre technology to deliver their home broadband & phone service.

Compare the latest ADSL broadband deals.

If you choose eir for your broadband, phone and digital TV service, you will need to be located in an eir Fibre enabled location. eir’s TV service, eir Vision, can only be accessed through eir Fibre broadband.