How to check broadband availability in your area

The type of broadband you can get depends on where you live. Here’s how to check broadband availability, and compare the best broadband deals in your area.

What types of broadband are available in Ireland?

When checking broadband availability in your area, it can help to know the internet connection types.

Here are the main ones:

  • ADSL: Uses existing copper telephone wires and connects via your landline.
  • Full fibre: Uses fibre-optic cables directly to your home for speeds of up to 1Gbp. A landline is not required.
  • Part fibre: Uses fibre-optic cables, as well as copper cables from the cabinet outside your home. You’ll need a landline.
  • Satellite: Connects you via a satellite dish at your home. A landline is not required.
  • Mobile: Connects you to the internet via a USB dongle or modem plugged into your device. A landline is not required.

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How to check broadband deals in your area

Our broadband eircode checker will help you find the best broadband deals in your area. Here’s how to check your eircode.

  1. Broadband checker: Go to our broadband comparison tool to find the best broadband and TV, broadband only, broadband and TV or mobile broadband deals.
  2. Input your eircode: Include your eircode in the eircode field to see the best plans in your area.
  3. Filter the results: Use the filter to see the broadband plans you’d like to compare.
  4. Read the broadband plan info: Take note of the broadband plan info for details on things like speed, cost and any add ons or extras.

Is fibre broadband available where you live?

Fibre broadband is becoming much more widespread and affordable for many households.

Although it hasn’t reach all parts of Ireland yet, our fibre broadband checker will show you the best plans in your area, if they’re available.

Siro broadband

Siro is a joint venture from the ESB and Vodafone. It uses existing infrastructure to provide full fibre broadband with fastest speeds available - up to 2Gbps. In the summer of 2023, SIRO connected 500,000 premises. Find out more about Siro broadband or if Siro is available in your area.

National broadband plan map

If you don’t have access to super fast broadband right now, the Government has created a High Speed Broadband Map. You can search for your address and check if commercial broadband providers or the State (under the National Broadband Plan) will be providing high-speed broadband to your home.

What broadband is available in your area?

Fibre broadband checker

Check your broadband speed

Once you’ve compared the best broadband deals in your area, you can also test your current broadband speed using our broadband speed test. Some things to note:

  • Average speeds: Some Irish providers can offer speeds of up to 2000Mbps using fibre networks, but average broadband speeds in Ireland are between 24Mbps to 100Mbps.
  • What speed do you need? Changing broadband provider might mean faster broadband speeds, but don’t pay for a plan with top speeds if you don’t need it.
  • Advertised speeds: Advertised maximum speeds are not guaranteed and slow speeds can depend on your location, distance from cabinet or phone mast, and how many people are using the internet.

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Switching to a new broadband provider

Once you know the best available deals and your current broadband speed, you might be ready to switch to a new broadband plan.

Start by looking at features like:

  • Monthly and total cost
  • Available download speeds
  • Type of bundle: internet only, broadband and tv, or triple-play deal.

Read more about how to compare deals and switch broadband providers here.

Before you switch, check the terms of your current broadband contract. Some providers require notice and switching early can result in penalties.

Enjoy superfast fibre broadband

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