How to check broadband availability in your area

The type and speed of broadband you can get depends on where you live. Here’s how to check what broadband is available in your area.

Check broadband providers in your area

If you’re not sure who offers broadband where you live, our broadband deal checker can help.

Just enter your county and town, and we’ll show you the broadband deals available in your area in less than two minutes.

Choose a broadband plan

Once you know what’s available, you need to pick the right broadband plan for your needs. Start by looking at things like:

  • Monthly and total cost: Take into account any discounts that may apply and work out an average monthly cost for each deal.
  • Contract length: is usually 12 or 18 months and when it’s coming to an end, you’ll need to check again to see if there’s a better deal.
  • Download speed: the higher the better but before signing up, ask the provider what the likely speed is for your address, as it can be very different. Make sure it still meets your needs.
  • Usage restrictions: Most broadband packages offer unlimited usage so you don’t need to worry about hidden costs.

You also need to decide whether you just want broadband on its own or if you want to add your landline, TV or both..

Compare broadband deals

What types of broadband are available in Ireland?

These are the main types of broadband available in Ireland:

  • ADSL: uses existing copper telephone wires and connects via your landline.
  • Fibre and Part Fibre: uses fibre optic cables and no phone line is needed.
  • Satellite: connects you via a satellite dish at your home, no phone line is needed.
  • Mobile: connects you to the internet via a USB dongle or modem plugged into your device.

What is SIRO?

SIRO brings 100% fibre broadband to your home. It doesn’t rely on any existing copper telephone wires so it’s the fastest, with speeds up to 1,000Mb.

Find out more about what SIRO can do for you.

Check high speed broadband plans in your area

The Government has created a High Speed Broadband Map that lets you search for your address and find out whether commercial broadband providers or the State (under the National Broadband Plan) will be providing high speed broadband to your home.

Once you’ve checked what colour code your address has been given, you can read the FAQs that explain what it means for you.

Switch or set up broadband

When you’ve had a chance to compare deals available in your area, choose the right package for you and your home.

Before you switch, check the terms of your current broadband contract. Some providers require notice and switching early can result in penalties.

Compare and switch broadband now