Broadband speeds in Ireland

The speed of a broadband connection is a very important factor to consider when selecting a broadband package. Today’s Internet user wants access to rich media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. while the move towards watching movies and TV online means that speed of connection is vital for a quality, hassle-free broadband service.

Average broadband speeds

Broadband suppliers in Ireland provide a range of packages which may be priced according to their connection speed.

Broadband providers in Ireland do offer connection speeds of 24Mbps to 360Mbps with some even claiming speeds of 1000Mb via lightning connections.

A fast connection speed will mean ease of surfing with quick downloads all adding up to a more enjoyable online experience.

Watching videos, playing games, downloading music, viewing on demand movies or catching up on TV shows you may have missed via digital TV players will all be impacted by the broadband connection speed that you are on.

Check your broadband speed

How to improve broadband speed

The best advice is to size up the connection speed from broadband suppliers that cover your area. If a faster connection is available from another supplier at a similar price then it may be worth considering switching.

Of course, all aspects of any package should be carefully explored as some suppliers will advertise a speed as being “up to” a certain level. This “up to” speed can vary depending geographic limits such as distance from the exchange to the device (PC, laptop, etc.) so it is always good to check reviews of a specific broadband service in your area before committing to switching to a new supplier – the closer you are to the exchange, the faster your connection will be.

It is also worth noting that DSL broadband may be slower in the evenings compared to other times of the day due to the fact that DSL broadband is a shared service. More people may be using the broadband connection in one area at the same time and this may affect the “contention ratio”. This is the ratio of the exchange’s coping capacity versus the number of users and connections can be slower during evening peak times.

Other types of broadband are not affected by contention ratios so this is something that should be considered if you are seeking out a better deal or looking for a first time package that fits with your lifestyle.