Electric Ireland Smarter Home bundle Nest set to 20 degrees

Take control of your energy bills with Electric Ireland's 'Smarter Home' bundles

There are two Smarter Home bundles available to Electric Ireland customers.

Electric Ireland has just launched a new ‘Smarter Home’ product for its customers, which should please gadget lovers, tree huggers and savvy spenders alike.

Having a ‘Smarter Home’ will allow customers to control their heating, lights and immersion via Electric Ireland’s Smart Home App, which means everything can be done at the touch of a button - either from the comfort of your couch, or when you’re out and about.

The app also lets you monitor usage and even predict future bills, which could really help you to cut down on energy costs.

Electric Ireland’s ‘Smarter Home’ bundles

At the moment, there are two Smarter Home Bundles available to Electric Ireland customers:

  • The Smarter Home Control Bundle, which includes two smart plugs that plug directly into a wall socket - letting you control your devices remotely - and access to the Smart Home App. This bundle costs €3.99 per month, on a 3-year contract.
  • The Smarter Home Comfort Bundle, which includes all of the above products along with a Nest or Climote heating control device to allow you to control the heating remotely. This bundle is priced at €7.99 on a 3-year contract.

The bundles were developed from learnings based on a trial of Irish customers, so they’re specifically tailored to the needs of the Irish market. There’s even an add-on - for an additional €2.99 per month - to allow you to remotely turn on or off your immersion!

And, if you’re someone who worries about leaving your oven or hair straighteners on when you go out, installing smart plugs could give you some peace of mind.

“The technology has come a long way”

Electric Ireland smarter homes panel

At a briefing this morning at the home of Eoghan Mc Dermott - who has recently had the Smarter Home Comfort Bundle set up - a panel of industry experts discussed the progress in smart technology solutions, and how they can benefit both consumers and society as a whole.

Colin Baker, TV3’s Gadgey Guy noted that the concept of the Smarter Home is nothing new, but said “the technology has come a long way from when it first began and it’s now very inexpensive and accessible”, especially with this new offering from Electric Ireland.

He added: “This type of technology was historically aimed squarely at gadget geeks, like me.. but now it’s for everyone, saving people time, money and resources.”

Meanwhile, climate change expert Dr. Cara Augustenborg stressed that we need to get smarter about our energy if we want to become an energy renewable society, adding that the Smart Home App “helps you make smart decisions that drive down usage and can ultimately get us to a fossil fuel free society”.

Getting the Smarter Home bundles set up

One of the major benefits of opting for one of these new bundles is that Electric Ireland will professionally install the products free of charge and show you how to use your bundle.

If you opt for a Nest heating control device as part of your bundle, you can then set up schedules for when you want your heating to come on and off, as well as setting the temperature you’d like the heating to be set at. You can also set the Nest to ‘learning mode’, which picks up on your habits and begins to intuitively set the heating to match your preferences.

Electric Ireland will also offer new upgrades so customers can continue to select products that are suitable for them, their home and family - they’ve said that future innovations in door and window sensors, motion detectors, light bulbs, electric vehicle charging and thermostat integration are in the pipeline.

What Electric Ireland plan do I need to sign up to?

You don’t need to sign up to any specific Electric Ireland tariff in order to avail of these products, which is good news as it means you have plenty of choice.

Signing up to the bundles will definitely save you when compared to buying the components outright, but take a look at all of the offers and make sure you’re picking the one that suits you best.

Compare deals and switch now

You can learn more about Electric Ireland’s Smarter Home service on the Electric Ireland website.