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Bord Gåis Energy has launched the best electricity deal on the market

The 24% discount makes Bord Gåis Energy the cheapest electricity-only deal on the market.

Earlier this week, Bord Gåis Energy made the latest move in the energy price war, by launching a new discount on its electricity plan.

We’re getting into the real winter weather now, so it could be a good time to take advantage of the savings that can be made by moving to a better gas or electricity deal.

Savings of up to €219 on electricity

In terms of savings, this new 24% discount, on Bord Gåis Energy’s Level Pay, Direct Debit & Paperless plan, represents great value when compared to standard rates.

In fact, the average electricity user could save up to €219.34 by switching from standard rates onto this plan.

And, as our recent research on energy user groups shows, depending on how much electricity you use, you could save even more.

Switching is quick and easy

Whether your a gas, electricity, or dual fuel customer, switching using a free, independent price comparison site like Switcher.ie is quick and easy.

It only takes around 5 minutes to compare deals and make a switch, and considering the savings that could be made, it’s time well spent.

Your new supplier will handle the switch, and all suppliers use the same cables and pipes so there’ll be no loss in service.

Switch and save now