Energia new dual fuel plan offer details

Energia launches the biggest dual fuel discount on the market

You could save up to €340 by signing up.

Energia has just launched a new dual fuel discount, making it the cheapest gas and electricity deal on the market.

The ‘Cheapest Dual Fuel’ tariff offers 27% off standard unit rates for electricity, and 26% off for gas, which equates to a saving of up to €340 for the average gas and electricity customer, when compared to standard rates.

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Many people opt for dual fuel deals as it means they are dealing with the same supplier for gas and electricity - so they only have one point of contact for any issues, and can access all of their account information in one place.

However, it’s worth noting that savings of up to €359 can be made by switching to different suppliers for gas and electricity.

At the moment, Energia’s ‘Cheapest Electricity (33% Discount)’ tariff comes in at up to €205 cheaper than standard rates for the average electricity user, while Flogas’s ‘22% Direct Debit Discount’ tariff could save the average gas user up to €153.

So, whether you choose to get your gas and electricity from different suppliers, or to go for a dual fuel plan, it’s clear that there are huge savings to be made. Despite this, only 15% of us switch energy every year, so the majority of us are missing out on these savings.

If you haven’t switched in over a year, you will save by doing so, so why not use Switcher.ie’s free gas and electricity comparison tool to compare deals and make a switch now? It only takes a few minutes, and you could save hundreds!