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Energia name Headway their charity of the year for 2016

Employees aim to surpass Energia's 2015 fundraising achievements

Energia employees have named Headway their charity of the year for 2016 and are set to embark on a range of fundraising activities to support the brain charity.

Last year, Energia employees raised €14,000 for ALONE in Ireland – a charity that supports older people in need – after naming them as their chosen charity.

A Six Nations fantasy league rugby tournament, an alternative Pancake Monday event and a ‘Hell and Back’ challenge race were just some of the activities carried out to raise money.

Energia also sponsored the 24 Hour Race in Belfast and staff volunteered over the Christmas period, helping to deliver food parcels and providing practical assistance in ALONE centres across the country.

In total, they raised €28,000 which was split equally between beneficiaries in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Making a real difference to the community

Headway chief executive Kieran Loughran said the service is “delighted” to enter into a partnership with Energia.

“Headway act as a lifeline for survivors after stroke, falls or accidents,” he explained. “Through our rehabilitation services, we help develop the vital skills to support integration back into the community, empowering survivors to return to living as independent a life as possible.”

He added that this reduces the pressures placed on family members before thanking Energia for “making a real difference to the lives of our community”.

Mr Loughran explained that “the generous support from Energia” will enable the charity to continue supporting people with brain injuries well into the future.

Why Energia opted for Headway

Michael Ringland from Energia’s Charity Committee added that picking one charity from the shortlist was “exceptionally hard”.

“They all had great causes but with Headway we just thought they had a few extra challenges to meet and we could help them along the way,” he explained.

Ringland added that the cause was “close to home” for some members of the company who have faced the daily challenges that brain injuries can bring, which is why Energia employees are keen to make it “a year to remember” for Headway.

To support the partnership, Energia is one of the first corporates to lend its support to Headway’s #iseebeyond campaign, designed to raise awareness of what sufferers could be going through, even if they don’t show it.

Search for #iseebeyond on social media throughout February to find out more.

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