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Get 25% off your gas with Flogas

Save on your gas bill this Christmas by switching to Flogas.

With winter now upon us, gas usage is set to peak as the days get colder and Christmas approaches with lots of festivities taking place in Irish households.

2018 has been a year of turmoil in the gas and electricity market with two rounds of price rises taking place - with the latest round still in full swing. However, there is a new offer from Flogas which will save you 25% on your gas just in time for Christmas.

What is the discount and when is it available?

Customers can avail of this great 25% direct debit discount by switching to Flogas up until 31 Janaury 2018.

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Why switch?

According to research from Switcher.ie 42% of Irish consumers say they are put off from switching as it seems like too much hassle. However, customers who don’t switch regularly will be long gone off any discounted rates they may have availed of when they first signed up, and although some providers offer ongoing year-on-year discounts, these generally won’t be as high as the discounts offered to new customers. This means gas customers who haven’t switched in a while could be missing out on potential savings of up to €109.

Switching is simple and straight forward - all you need is a computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device, a recent gas bill and a spare 10 minutes. Switcher.ie’s energy comparison tool makes it really easy to see the best deals on the market and the savings on offer.

And €109 is just what you could save by switching your gas alone. There are even more savings to be had by switching electricity, broadband and mobile.

Encouraging consumers to do just this, Eoin Clarke, Managing Director of Switcher.ie says: “We’d strongly advise customers to set aside some time to take a look at all of their household bills and shop around for new deals - an hour or two of work will pay huge dividends and could free up some much-needed cash.”

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